January 29, 2016
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      In the year of 1976, a family of 3 moved and lived in the rural areas of Laos. Pao was a single parent of 2 children Fai and Cha because his beloved wife passed away 2 days after Cha was born. So now they came to the rural to start new and make more money to go to America. But that dream of theirs is sort of hard to accomplish because of Fai’s gambling addiction.

       And so life goes on they lived in peace for about 2 years. Then one day Cha and her best friend who lives with them now they were at the rice field talking and giggling. And all of a sudden the water mill made a loud noise and broke down.

          “Ummm…what just happened?” Mai asked as her face went pale for 2 seconds or so.

         “Oh no, no, no we got to tell my dad now hurry let’s go!” Cha shouted as she raced out of the rice field.

         They both running back to the house and on the way Mai tripped. So Cha stopped and turned around to help but then saw a snake.

         “Oh no this can’t be happening all these signs together means something bad is coming after me and Mai!” Cha thought in her head as she helped Mai up and head for the house.

         As they both got up there Pao Cha’s father was looking for her brother Fai all around the house.

        “Do you know where your bother went?” Pao asked Cha as he was still glancing around the house.

        “No! But dad the water mill has broken down out of nowhere.” Cha replied as she got Mai a chair to sit in.

        “I saw him left today at dawn when we were about to go to the rice field.” Mai answered as she heard a loud car arrived and stopped at the front of their house.

        “Pao come out right now where are u? I give you 3 seconds to get out here or your beloved son will eat my bullet!” Aloud voice shouted.

         Pao’s face expression right there and then died his face went to white pale. And the 3 of them rushed out of the house to the front porch and saw Fai bleeding and has bruises all over his body.

        “What happened here? Why didn’t you guys just talk without using power?” Pao asked as his fist tightens.

       “Your son owes me money and I need the money back right now!” The Pimp yelled as he checks out Cha and Mai.

        Tears filled Pao’s eyes as he looked at Fai then Cha rushed over and pushed the servant of the Pimp away from Fai and help lift him and went inside with Mai.

        “How much does he owe you?” Pao asked as he cleared his throat.

        “$50,000 and we need money fast but if not we’ll just take those two girls.” The Pimp responded with a big smile on his face.

        “No I’ll give you your money within this week.” Pao answered.

        “No I give u 2 days or I’m coming for the girls done ok you understand no conditions.” The Pimp said as he and his crew leaves.

        The next day at dawn Cha was crying with Fai about what happened yesterday.

        “Why Fai? Do you know how much dad loves you? Why would you hurt him like that? Fai answer me why what is your purpose?” Cha asked as she yelled and cry her angry out.

        “I’m sorry.” Fai replied as he looked at the ground.

        “Sorry isn’t going to fix anything you know now get up and go help Dad fix the water mill.” Cha told Fai as she was getting ready to cook breakfast.

        Later the day in the afternoon Cha and Mai went to the forest to go get water because the water mill is down. And as they were walking to the stream in the forest they were talking and giggling about boys. Then after they finished getting water on their way back they heard gun shots and so they both left the water buckets behind and ran towards the water mill.

        “Dad! Dad! Dad! Where are you!?!” Cha shouted as she looked around the area.

        “Fai! Fai! Fai! Are you here!?! Hello!?!” Mai screamed.

         And there they both saw Pao and Fai’s bodies hanged from the big albizia saman tree. Cha breaks down and cry as her body shakes and tremble in fear and anger. Then they hear a twig snap behind them and turned and look bam black out. The day Mai woke up first then found them in a cell of 6x6 both of them.

         “Cha wake up! Cha! Cha! Wake up!” Mai screams as she shakes Cha.

         “Yes I’m up wait, where is this place?” Cha asked with confusion going on in her mind.

         “Oh god please help us!” Mai chants as she keep repeating.

         Eventually they both thought of an escape plan when the Pimp announced that he is taking them to the brothel to be sold because of what Fai owes him. Later that night they we’re being put in the truck and set off to the brothel. Then when they arrived there at the brothel Cha and Mai grabbed each other’s hand and made a run for it when they opened the door.

        “Hey stop right there where do you think you’re going?” The Pimp yelled as he grabbed a shot gun and aim. Bam! Bam! Bam! But he misses and the girls run into the city.

        “Yes we did it. Oh my god. I can believe it. Are you ok? Where are we gonna go now?” Mai asked as she was grasping for air.

        “Yes we did. And we are going to my aunt’s house she is the only relative I have left and the only one we can trust.” Cha answered as she fixed a place in an alley for them to sleep for the night.

        Finally, dawn hits the sky and they both woke up and split up to find quick jobs and ask where this place is. They both worked for a week or also at the city then meant a coyote and planned to cross the border to Thailand. Then they set off to Thailand and arrived there in 2 days and 1 night and when Cha and her aunt saw each other they cried. And so Cha and Mai were staying with her aunt at the moment because they have nowhere to go.

        “Cha what happened? Why are you here? Where is your father and Fai?” Aunt asked as she holds Cha into her arms.

        “They didn’t make it they died! Auntie! They died!” Cha replied as she cries and tears roll down her cheeks like a waterfall.

        “It’s ok we will go to America ok Cha? But we have to go by ship because we don’t have papers and its expensive ok?” Aunt tells Cha as she comfort her.

        “Ok.” Cha answers as she looked at Mai.

        Then the next day at midnight they set off to the ship and they are off to the U.S.A. To get there they have to spend about a week or so then they arrive at New York City. And here their journeys has just started because they are illegal immigrants just working at low paying jobs. But the story of Cha’s life doesn’t end here because she is going to become a legal immigrant on U.S. soil.



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what inspired me was that my parents and grandparents were immigrant and has gone through a lot to put me in this position

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