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The Snow Soldier MAG

By Anonymous

   I wake from my slumber to find a blanket of snow engulfing my town. I am a snow solider. I know my duties and am prepared to face the elements of nature. I put on my battle rags and grab my weapon of choice: the shovel. The enemy fears the shovel, but fights back to the very end. The enemy continues to pound my town with artillery; only a few four-wheel drive vehicles cruise by.

I stop to rest and admire my work. I have neatly cleared the snow from the end of the driveway. As I rest, I hear a noise that can break a snow soldier's spirits and morale to pieces. HARK! It's the enemy's mighty ally, the big powerful snow plow! Nothing can match its awesome power. I tremble with fear and awe. I stand and stare, powerless as the beast destroys my hour of labor. (Actually five minutes, but time is non-existent to a solider in the field.) Now I know it's time to call in the cavalry. I race through the ten inches of snow to the garage, also covered in snow. Yet I don't even notice, because the snow doesn't know. The snow doesn't know what's behind door number one!

There stands seven horsepower of snow-blowing action, truly a modern miracle of machinery. This little monster will make quick work of the enemy. I watch as a gigantic cloud of snow is thrust into the atmosphere. And as I become engulfed by the spray, I pay no mind, because as I look behind me I see green. I see green grass and I laugh, because I have won a victory against nature. That is why I am a snow soldier. 1

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i love this !