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My Monster

October 12, 2015
By anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
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The world around me is unable to be kind.  A constant flow of hatred streams over me.  But this kind of hate doesn’t just wash over you; it crashes into your bloodstream, taking over your body and mind.  You don’t have time to beg for mercy, you just drown in its waves.  And to think, i wanted to improve the world, but it just wants to destroy me.  “You could’ve been its savior.” is all my brain can think.  Taunting.  Another side effect of the venom running through my veins.   All my thoughts have been invaded by the poisonous nature of what has been forced upon me.  All i wanted was a world with happy people, i aspired to inspire goodness.  But how could i have achieved that if i was never happy myself?  I wanted to be happy so bad, the desperation to be better so deep it still remains in me as i sink lower into nothing.  Now, i just feel black.  The acid is burning a hole in my defenses and i get my first glimpse in quite a while of the thing kept contained inside.  The hole inside me gapes open, with the monster inside crawling out.  It managed to skitter and slither all at once.  Just looking at it’s skin entranced you to bring your thoughts to tortuous times.  It’s breath reeked of wailing souls cowering in the presence of such a wretched being. In every whispering intake of air it took, you could hear a new subject being added to the court of hell where the beast reigned.  Peeling it’s way out of the crater in my chest, it laughs at me and the world around it.  Both are already conquered and up in flames from its wicked wrath.  It’s cackle echoes across the barren earth, a place haunted by the monster that came from me.  It’s pure hatred for me sprints through my blood, racing to spread until it wins the race.  The prize; my destruction.  But i scream at the wretched creature, at the demon from within, “Don't’ you know? You’ve already achieved your horrific task.  You took everything away.  You gobbled up all of my life by snatching up every person i needed and every innocent soul who could possibly ever need me.  My days living are long since past.  The deed is done, so report back to your employer that you’ve finished me.”  The creature sneered, fangs stained with blood.  The blood of my world and everyone in it.  I could tell this world was no longer mine, this was the monsters territory forever more.  It came closer, until i could see it’s eyes.  It’s eyes…. They were blue.  “I have completed my duty, master.”  And then i saw it.  There was no monster.  In my blood covered hand, i saw the culprit.  It’s pulsing was slowing down because it had been ripped out its home, severed from everything it needed to continue.  “It’s better this way.” i whispered as i gagged on my own blood.  The last thing i saw as i lay in the ashes of the world i had demolished, was my monster.  My heart.

The author's comments:

This is my POER attempt at Edgar Allan Poe that just turned out emo.  Oops.  Sorry for ruining your genre dude....

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