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Frozen In Time

October 1, 2015
By FoodSlyer GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
FoodSlyer GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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Times had changed, and Dragonfly wasn’t convinced. The government had told him that he needed to drop his beliefs or go somewhere else. But no, Dragonfly knew he was right and should keep arguing for his side. When his opinion differed from the status quo, everyone shut him out.

Tree-the giver of life and the supreme ruler- found Dragonfly in a melancholy state one day and extended its branches towards him. He hopped on. “Why are your wings weighing you down?” She asked. Dragonfly sighed. “Nothing seems to be right these days. Everything that should be wrong is right, and after a while, things have become relative to a point that if someone wants to get killed, people let them without question.” Tree giggled. “Don’t be stubborn young boy, get with the times.” Dragonfly wanted to rip her branch and step on it, but he was too small. “Get with the times. Get with the times? Really? Is that what you want me to do when the world is digging themselves closer to ---- with each new thing that becomes normal?” Dragonfly’s wings whirred with the intensity of his anger. “The people want what they want. I can’t change that. I’m just here to approve what they wish. Once I approve it, it’s the people’s jobs to conform and continue.” Dragonfly flew off her branch, chanting every foul curse that would come off his tongue. Tree commanded him to stop, but he continued until his voice was nothing more than a whisper.

Tree grabbed Dragonfly, creating a puddle of sap on her stomach. “No, please don’t put me there.” Dragonfly cried. Tree ignored him and stuck him to her bark. Each year that passed was another year Earth made things harder for itself. Whatever was right to someone could be right to them, but to another it was wrong. Dragonfly stayed stuck for 50 years until finally, Big Bear came and found him. Dragonfly heard a snap as he was detached from the sap. He licked his lips, spitting and inhaling fresh air. “Bleh. Being stuck to that tree sap is horrible. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the bugs preserved in sap that are used for necklaces.” Big Bear pulled him towards his face, observing him from up close. “Why were you in tree sap in the first place? Did you get stuck?” “No. I got upset at Tree and ended up here.” “What were you upset about?” “I don’t like the way that society is turning out.” “You have to let go of the past. Now is now and that’s not going to change.” “Well, I still hold on to the past because we actually had a firm base to stand on for what’s wrong and right. Nobody has a firm base nowadays.” “Listen, if you want to get released from this tree sap, you’re going to have to adjust to the way things are now.” Dragonfly realized that living in an immoral world for more years to come would tear him apart, and he’d rather die with his beliefs. “Put me back. It’s not worth seeing this world go down in flames.” “You sure?” Dragonfly nodded. The sap hardened over time. He died with his beliefs inscribed on his wings.

The author's comments:

I got inspiration for this piece when I looked around and saw how fast things are changing. People are fine with anything as long as it doesn't interfere with their life. I miss the firm establishment of morals in the world, but they're gone now. 

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