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People Who Know

September 12, 2015
By N.R.Anon PLATINUM, Ayer, Massachusetts
N.R.Anon PLATINUM, Ayer, Massachusetts
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"Don't be like so many writers, don't be like so many thousands of people who call themselves writers." (Charles Bukowski, So You Want to be a Writer)

There are quite a few people in this world who are born Knowing. These people Know things that other people can’t seem to acknowledge; fantastical, unfathomable things, things that one without the talent of Knowing would find completely and utterly mad.

I suppose you are wondering how it is I know these things, and you should probably know yourself, as you have every right to. You see, I, like so many other people in this world, was born Knowing. Perhaps you were too. Either way, you wouldn’t have been drawn to this in the first place if you didn’t have the talent of Knowing, because Knowing people have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to these things.

Anyhow, I suppose you'll wonder what makes Knowing people so different from people who Don’t Know. The difference, is more simple than you’d realize. You see, almost everyone is born Knowing. Each and every single one of us. However, some people cannot bear the weight of Knowing, and so they decide to Forget. This is immensely difficult to do, and it requires one to be extremely determined. But most people are, you know, and once they set their minds to it they’ll soon forget they Knew anything in the first place.

But Knowing is a wonderful thing, a terrible, wonderful, confusing thing. Someone who Knows can see beyond What Is and into What Can and What Isn’t. This is why Knowing people always seem lost in their own minds, because we all live in What Is, but people who Know can see beyond our reality into the realm of What Can; where everything is possible. That is why so many people decide to stop Knowing.

You should know that What Is is a world very far away from What Can, and the world farthest away from them all is What Isn’t. All three of these worlds intertwine in one way or another, and even though it is impossible to exist in more than one, someone who Knows can see all of them while only existing in What Is. However, to hold all of these realities inside your head is extremely confusing, you see, and many Knowing people often get confused as to what world they are existing in. Of course, they still exist in What Is, as it is impossible to change what world you live in- but they will sometimes forget that what is completely normal in What Isn’t is seen as extremely unusual in What Is, or that in so many things that are possible in What Can are impossible in their world.

Because of this, quite a lot of Knowing people are thought to be weird, or mad, or “mentally unstable,” sometimes. Only a few people who Know have actually perfected the art of existing and Knowing at the same time, you see, and even they slip up sometimes. Knowing is a difficult thing, and this is why so many people Forget. No one can blame them; and they are probably far happier Not Knowing than they ever were Knowing. As a child, Knowing is easy, but as you grow up, it becomes much more difficult, and so they choose to Forget. But I’ll tell you a secret- no one ever really, truly Forgets entirely. That’s what dreams are for. In our dreams, we see into What Can and What Isn’t. Everyone dreams, and even if you don’t dream at night, whenever you find yourself drifting off into a daydream, or fantasizing about something, or concocting a brilliant idea, you’re not dreaming, you’re Knowing.

And I’ll tell you another secret- even if you’ve Forgotten, even if it seems thoroughly mad or impossible or completely unthinkable, you can always Remember what you Knew. Because it’s there; deep down inside of you. Ever since you were a child, it’s been there. It always has been, and it always will be.

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