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Game of Tag

May 25, 2015
By Katten7 GOLD, North Richland Hills, Texas
Katten7 GOLD, North Richland Hills, Texas
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"If you live like a child to the world, you live in the world of a child" ~Me! ya ya whatever.

"Out here is still better than in there" I thought to myself as the wind blew my hair every which way. "It's open, clear, and away from disturbing guys."
"Wow, am I really that bad?" A voice inquired behind me. I turned around to see a auburn, (I mean, I think red-brown is auburn,) haired guy grinning down at me, laughter in his eyes. Oops. I guess I said that last part out loud. I struggled with a response but came out stuttering gibberish. His grin grew wider. "Not really a people person, are you?" I blushed.
"No, not really. That's kinda why I'm out here." He made a sort of grunt of recognition.
"Ah. That explains a bit more." I suddenly felt defensive. "What else do you need explained?" I shot.  "No,no,no, I didn't mean it like that..." He looked genuinely taken aback. I softened a little. "Then,um, what did you mean it like?"He... blushed?
"I... I mean, most girls don't like getting their hair  all messy." I couldn't help smiling at the truth of his  statement. "Yet another reason why I'm alone." This time he full on laughed. I couldn't help but laugh with him. Then his face grew a bit serious.
"Then, why are you at the party?"
"A friend." I grimly smiled. "I'm not really into the rom-com. I'm just here for the free food." He plunked down on the grass beside me. "So am I."
"Total waste of time."
"Agreed. So then," he said, standing up with his hand extended towards me, "milady, would you do me the honor of getting the heck out of here together?" I said nothing, but grabbed his hand and said, "Tag, you're it!" Laughing as I ran off...with a doubled over friend behind me.

We ended up eating master blasts at Sonic and prank calling people at the party using their phone.
"So, girl who I have ran with, eaten with, and prank called with, you think I could know your name now, too?" I facepalmed myself as he just kept laughing.
"Ugh. Ree." I blushed. I hated telling people my name. Ree. That's not even a real name. I waited for him to laugh again or to act like I was joking. Instead he just smiled and said, "I'm Jin."
"Wait. Jin?" I gaped.
"Ree?" He shot back.
"Ancree, Dalos."
"Cajun, Milsook."
"You're named after a place nobody's heard of, too?" I grinned.
...and that's what happens when you start a game of tag... With a complete stranger.

The author's comments:

I dunno... I guess when you sit outside in the sun typing away on your phone things happen. I hope you enjoy my perfect idea of a sweet encounter

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