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The Amorphous

April 11, 2015
By M.G.H BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
M.G.H BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear"

Our world is not like the rest, we are “cut off”, surrounded by walls of steel, to keep us from the danger lurking outside. Or so I thought until that one day. It changed how I saw this world and it changed everything from there on. I had a routine every day. I would get up, go to school, when I go home my parents were always there and they would help me with my homework feed me snack, later gibe me dinner, and tuck me into bed, but there was something wrong, something felt off, strange and different about today. I got up this morning and my parents barely spoke, and when it was time for me to get on my bus my mom did not want to let go. Before I go on the bus I turned back to my parents and they were both sobbing in tears. At that point I knew something had went wrong, but I did what my parents would have wanted me to do I ignored it that is the only way it can protect me from harm. I returned from school,
“Mom”, I paused no one answered
“Dad” I paused again “something is wrong: I whispered 
“I am home from school” I shouted
“Mom” I called again.
“Dad” I screamed with concern
There was still no answer.  I went to my room which was on the 2nd floor and here were 2 guards were standing there with the head on the government Anna Prier
“Hi Isabelle is this your room, it is absolutely lovely” she said in a soft spoken voice
“Yes” I replied with concern “Why are you here?”
“I am sorry to tell you this Isabelle, but your mom and dad were in a car crash today coming home from the store” she said sincerely
I knew she was lying because my parents never left the house together, but then I remembered that my mom had put a letter in my lunch box, I wanted to wait till I got home to open it. So I ran to the bathroom and started to fake cry. Anna Prier fell for it and went to the door and said
“I am sorry for what has happened but I will give you a little bit of space for the moment and when you are ready you can come and talk to me” she said so kindly
She fell for it I thought that was great so I took the envelope out of my pocket and opened it up and began to read the letter:
   Dear Izzy,
   I am so sorry me and your father have tried our hardest
   but it just wasn’t enough we have been caught by the
government. They are going to take us away for treason,
but to protect you we are going to get ourselves into a
deadly car crash that will kill us. We love you with all
our hearts this is the only way we can protect you from
The dangers of the world we live in.
     Mom & Dad
I sat there in shock from reading the letter. Then there was a knock at the bathroom door it was one of the guards asking me if I was alright. So I opened the door and said
“I am better now may I speak with Mrs. Prier” in a calm voice
“Yes, follow me” he said
I walked in the room behind him, she was sitting on my bed holding my teddy bear my mom had given me last week that she found in the attic.
“Is this yours?” she ask me
“Yes” I replied, “Can I ask you a question Mrs. Prier”
“Absolutely Isabelle what do you want to ask?” she said in a way like she was trying to reassure me
“So what’s going to happen to me” I asked even though I had the feeling it was going to be bad
“You will be put in a boarding school in which you will either excel and move on or fail and come back at age of 18 we usually wait until children are 15, but since of the accident with your parents we are going to put you in even though you are 13 ” she said
I quickly replied “What about here I have friends and this is my home what do I do with all my stuff”
“You take it with you” she said
“How I can’t take a house” she realized what I was saying
“It will be here when you come back, you will have a dorm room on the campus with one other girl” at the boarding school
“Oh” I replied.
That night I packed all my things in my suit cases and when the guards were not looking I went to the family safe which was hidden so only I knew where it was and took all the documents that my parents hide because these are what they needed to fully convict my parents and why I am not here I do not want they finding them by tearing the house apart. I hid the papers inside my school folders in my backpack so they would be close to me at all times. That night I tied all my blankets together so they would help me if I needed to escape.
That morning I woke up at 3:00 am, got dressed, put my teddy bear and 2 pairs of close in my backpack. I tied the end of the blanket rope to my bed post and lowered it outside the window and I climbed down as quietly as I could. I ran far away as I could when I got to a stop there was the steel walls I was so close I could touch them but then I heard sirens is was Anna Prier she was standing right behind me and said
“What do you think you are doing child?
“I am finding a way out of this prison you call my home” I screamed
“Grab her” she told the guards
Two of them grabbed me while the other one looked through my back pack they threw the teddy bear to Mrs. Prier and searched thought.
“What are you doing” I yelled
“I thought you might do something like this” she said “That’s why I put a tracking device on your teddy bear it’s so small it would never be noticed.
“Found something” the one guard interrupted
“What is it” said Mrs. Prier 
“Blueprints, plans and more papers that belonged to her parents” he said
“I was looking for those” she said as she turned to me and then back “take her back to the house let’s give her one last chance”
She sat next to me the whole way back neither of us said a word. Then we got to the house I got out and she took me to the living room.
“Is there anything else you are not telling us” she said
“No” I said “you caught me”.
“Tomorrow morning you are going to the boarding school and you will have a guard escort at all times” goodbye and let hope we do not meet again.
The next morning I left with the guards to the boarding school. When we got there it was only girls that went there and they wore uniforms.
“Is this were I will be going” I asked the guard
“Yes, I will be your escort and I apologize in advanced, get out of the car we are here.” I left the car with confusion
A lady came up to me “Hi Isabelle it’s very nice to meet you welcome to the Amorphous” she said with excitement
“What’s that?” I said in shock
“Oh sorry, nobody told you that is the name of the boarding school, let me take you to your room”
I followed her around campus and she showed me where the school building was, the room buildings and the Amorphous building only if you were caught doing something wrong you would go to that building she said. We finally reach a tall and wide building and went in. There was door after door after door, each floor had 13 rooms numbered 1-13 there were 26 floors each floor number lined up with a letter of the alphabet. My room was on floor M room 13. When I opened my door my suitcases were there and so were 2 guards they grabbed me and
The lady who showed me around asked them “What are you doing, did something happen that was bad enough before she came”
They replied with a nod.
They started to take me and I said were are you taking me as I was squirming trying to get loose, then I noticed the one guy was my escort and he said
“You are going to the Amorphous”, he paused “I’m sorry” he said
They then injected a shot in me that made sleep. When I woke up I was on a cold metal slat with my hands and feet tied down I couldn’t move, then I heard a noise it came from above and a rope dropped down, a guy about 18 came down
“Do you need a hand” he said with a smile
“Who are you” I asked
he replied “be quite the cameras are frozen they still think you are under I am part of the group called the Survivors we take it upon ourselves to get kids and people like you out before the Amorphous happens.”
“What is the Amorphous” I asked as he started cutting the restraints that held me down
“No time now but I will tell you during the trip”
“What trip” I said
He finished cutting the restraints he grabbed me and the rope pulled 3 times and up it went lifting us out of the room. I followed him as we climb though the vents quickly, but quietly and then we reached the end were there was a jet waiting for us to take us to base 10 I got on,
“Now are you going to tell me what the Amorphous is” I asked,
“Sure, that Amorphous is where they put you on the metal slacks you are on and once you wake up they start asking you questions on what you know, who you are, how you got the information, if you don’t answer them they will send electric shocks to your brain until you don’t remember who you are and they restart your life basically because you would know nothing my parents had the Amorphous I knew what had happened but I never said a word or did anything that could get me caught, once we get to the base you will learn more about how cruel this world is ”
“I already know” I said
“You know what?”
“I know how cruel this world is, I have seen what it can do”
“Smart instincts, you’re wise that’s a good trait to have when going through what you are”
“What am I going through?” said my confusion
“You are going through war and the challenge of leaving home and being forced away you are unwanted in this world, they think people like us we are a threat to them because we are different, but you know we deserve to be free that is why we are building an army to help stop them, they think that once we leave the walls we will never comeback, but no the people in there deserve to know the truth and they deserve to feel true freedom.” He paused for a second “We are here”.
We both exited the jet, when I got off I then paused and turned to him and
“What do you need me to do to help you win this war?”
“You will start training next week, once we have a few more people willing to train, because here you are not forced to do anything, but we encourage people to train to help save family and friends from the prison they have been kept in their entire life without knowing, It’s wrong and disturbing in there you cannot trust anybody, almost everything that government tells you is a lie. One lie is the world outside you’re here look how peaceful and calm it is, it seems like that in there but no one has realized how terrible the government is in till they do something wrong..” He said back.
“I will do it and everything it takes to take everything away from them like they did to me”
A week later………
“You start training today, I never fully introduced myself I’m Mason and I will be training you, you will be warriors you can back down whenever you need but you must try your best to stay in, none of you will die, because we will win this war for freedom, peace, and our family and friends. We will let nothing get in our way. First up Isabelle vs. Jessica you will 1 vs 1 each other to learn skills on fighting you may need them if we have to battle you will fight until the other is not strong enough to move on, based on how well you do you will be scored and ranked, What doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger. Fight!” said Mason, so I got on the platform and me and Jessica we put up our fists and it was on, we fought swinging our fists kicking and punching, and BANG! She kneed me in the stomach, the rest was downhill from there I lost the match and ended it in the medical building. After training was over for the day Mason came to the medical clinic
“Are you ok” he said with a concerned tone
I replied “Yes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
He chuckled “yeah I did say that, also I wanted to congratulate you on you first day”
“Why I got my butt kicked”
“Yeah, yeah you did, but you did not give up you showed power and passion and aggressiveness, with the right training you can be one of the best warriors, and help lead this army even though you are young, you’re never too young to make a difference.” He said and then left the room
I thought about what he said really hard that night. First thing in the morning I was in the training room pushing myself to the limits, not letting anything or anybody in my way. We trained for a year just about I had went from bottom to the top on rankings my skills improved I was a fighter and over that ear I was granted permission to go on rescue missions in the Amorphous I helped reuse 150 people and became a base commander there were 5 people in charge I was one in 1 year I became ready to lead a war without knowing if I can come out alive. All I know is I will fight until I am dead or every single person is freed. We have 1,600 people ready to fight on our side. It was time, time to stop the Amorphous. Over the next year we devised plans and ways to get in while rescuing more and more people, there were 4 Amorphous buildings in a diamond shape closer to the outside of the wall and we would attack each and every one at the same time we would send 400 warriors to each, and one of the five leaders while one would get in and stand right at the middle alone, the most dangerous place to be. I volunteered for that position I was willing to risk my life to save many others. I was the distraction my job was to make a commotion before the war started and then bam they would never know what had hit them. The next week I found out it was mine and there was 4 days till we attacked, later that day I talked to the commanders in a private meeting and we decided that we would go a day early without anybody knowing because we did not want to worry about traitors.
The night before the war that would change lives for eternity one way or other was hours away I could not sleep so, I decided to go take a walk I say mason with a guy they were talking without them noticing I got closer so I could hear what they were saying.
“Do you think we have a chance to win this or is it hopeless” said mason with deep concern in his voice
The other guy said “No, but that’s why you told us because you thought there was no other way out of what you have done” said the man
I reached for my gun it was in my holster and pointed it at the man who was supposed to deliver the new plans to the other side and BANG!, the gun went off and the man was dead before he hit the ground then I pointed it at mason and said “You traitor, I knew I saw a bad side in you and when the top commander arrived I told her what had happened and Mason was exiled never to return to base 10, but that meant we needed another commander and quick so I went to my top student and they would take mason’s place during the war.
War Day…….
Everyone got up at 2 hundred hours sharp, we ate, and the prepared for battle we would strike at 4 hundred hours, by 3.5 hundred hours I was in position and before I could contact them back. I was down I had been shot and I pretended to die on purpose with tricks, nobody had knew that part of my plan. At 4 hundred hours I was still were they had “shot” me down and I pressed the button on my watch and said go. The war had started.
To be continued…………….

The author's comments:

I had this Dystopian Story unit in school and we had to do a final project which was write a story. So i wrote one story and completely disliked, so I discareded it and started writhing this story and i turned it in incomplete because i did not have enough time to finish it, and my teacher graded it and really liked it and said i should contunue writing it and maybe someday sharing with other people, and she gave me the link to this website and said i could post stuff here. This is my first piece I am posting, I hope people get a fun, intresting, intense story and plot from this.

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ChrisH5548 said...
on Apr. 28 2015 at 8:05 am
ChrisH5548, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Make a dystopian fiction novel

Angie said...
on Apr. 25 2015 at 2:06 pm
I really like it because it made me happy and it was really cool my favorite part was when the character got out of the Amorphous.

J.N.K. BRONZE said...
on Apr. 22 2015 at 2:48 pm
J.N.K. BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."
-Morpheus from The Matrix

Hello..... This is GREAT! No wonder Mrs. Jones keeps recommending your stuff for different contests and what not. Keep up the good work "MGH"

Magic said...
on Apr. 18 2015 at 4:58 pm
I want more What happens next