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   Often in my life, I remember the farmer's story which my grandma told me.

"There are a lot of opportunities to catch in a person's life, but a great number of people complain that they don't see any. The reason is that the losers never catch, or even try to catch, the things in front of their eyes. The wise catch or even create opportunity, the fools wait for or lose opportunity.

"A long time ago there was a farmer who lived on a small farm. He planted and tended wheat every day in his fields. In the morning, he woke with the sun rising, in the evening he went home with the sun setting. Although he didn't have a great deal of money, when he looked at the field where the wheat was planted, he felt his time had been spent worthily." My grandmother told me this story on a fantastic night with the full moon hanging in the blue sky.

"One day a rabbit ran across the road in the farm. It happened to hit the trunk of a big tree with its head. The rabbit died and lay on the side of the road. The farmer found it on his way home. He picked up the rabbit, which was fairly big, and brought it home for dinner. It was so delicious that he wanted another. The next day the farmer went out as usual, but instead of going to plant, he lay down in the shadow of the tree to wait for another rabbit to come.

"Days passed, months passed. Nothing happened. The farmer wasted all his time and spent all the money and wheat saved from the past. Finally one day he realized he should go see his wheat again. So he did, but the only thing that could be seen were the grasses which were even taller than a man." Grandma stopped there and looked at me kindly ...

Years passed, and the story is always fresh in my memory, telling me not to be lazy about anything, and making me move on. 1

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i love this !