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November 7, 2014
By jackychen BRONZE, Sacramento, California
jackychen BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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The night is fading, but the morning has yet to fully come. The blue fog surrounds the mountains and the water wheel is spinning slowly like the time has started to stop. Everything I see is slow from the fog that’s flowing around me to the falling blood dripping from my hands. I keep staring at the water wheel, I have a strange feeling about it, and I am right. A young woman in white rose from the river. I am stunned in silence. I keep staring at her, she didn’t move a single inch. I know her, she is my daughter, and my victim.

“NO” I yell and keep yelling I can’t believe she is still alive as I am certain she was dead.

I continue screaming “How? How are you still alive? You should be dead!”

But she didn’t answer, instead she look up to me, locked within our gazes. I saw her face, a half broken face that has worms crawling and falling out of it.

I was struck with fear, I use all my might to run the fastest I can, I kept looking at her making sure she won’t suddenly appear right in front of me like some horror movies, suddenly some fogs flew by her covering the top of her body, my leg suddenly felt heavier, I looked at them and saw 2 bloody hands holding my feet, the upper body of my daughter in half and the intestine splurging out of her opened body. I kicked her off and grabbed the biggest rock closest to me and the one that I can carry and threw it on her face. All I saw was red now, her blood covering me. It started to rain, and in a second it was pouring, I found out it was water that was raining it was the blood of my daughter. I felt sick in the inside of my stomach. I sat down to catch my breath and trying to calm myself. A small voice came to my ears and I turned around looking everywhere, but didn’t see anything I kept looking everywhere then I couldn’t move. My mouth was then covered by 2 bloody hands, my daughter’s face came from between my blood soaked hair.

I can hear my daughter saying “Hello mother, are you tired yet?” Implying she wants me to take a rest for eternity.

I screamed but no voice came out of my mouth. She picked up the same rock I used to crush her head with, and threw it on my face. Everything turned dark, my vision slowly came back, I see a familiar ceiling. I was in my room I realized it was only a nightmare, a scary one at that. I got up to get some water and sat on the couch and looked at the clock. It was only 2 A.M. I thought to myself “bloody h*ll, can’t believe all that happened in a just 3 hours of my sleep. I decide to get back to my bed and try to forget that nightmare and sleep again. I tried but couldn’t I kept rolling and turning, I feel like I had piss myself because of the water I drank earlier. I opened my eyes and saw my daughter’s bloody face. She is touching me everywhere, not with her body but with her blood. I want to scream but my mouth was shut closed, stitched together with a piece string. I thought to myself that this must be a dream I have to wake up fast before I go completely insane. I close my eyes and counted to 10 seconds and it works everything have disappeared, It was just a dream. I tried to get up again but I realize I couldn’t, because I was dead, my daughter had killed me 1st before I was able to do anything. The dreams I had was what I wanted to do to my killer.

The author's comments:

I'm hoping this scares you too death!

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