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Sweet Dreama

October 4, 2014
By Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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Sweet Dreams, my little dreamers. May you travel to the land of dreams in your sleep. For in this land is where you find joy, and happiness. So close your eyes, and dream…
You appear in a field filled with flowers. There’s tulips and daisies, all kinds of flowers.
“Over here!” Calls a little girl. She smiles at you and beckons you forward. You smile back and run through the field towards her. You smile at her and she grins at you.
“Follow me…” She whispers. You walk with her. The more you walk through the meadow, the more it begins to fade.
“Where are we going?” You ask.
“We are going some where fun!” She says excitedly. Soon, the meadow fades away completely and you’re in the middle of a forest. In the forest you see animals, such as deer and rabbits. And a small unicorn hiding shyly behind a tree. The sun gleams on the leaves, lighting up the whole forest.
“It’s amazing” You say looking up.
“We aren't even there yet” She giggles. She grabs your hand and begins to guide you through the forest. Soon, the forest fades as well. Then you appear in a building. Tons of children are sitting on beds, some braiding each others hair, and other’s playing with dolls. A small child walks up to you with a doll in hand and smiles a sweet smile.
“Wanna play dollies with me?” The child asks. The sweetness of the child enchants you and you almost say yes.
“Sorry, we have to go, or we might miss out on the fun!” The girl guiding you says.
“Oh Have fun!” The child says.
“Good-bye” You call as the girl has to drag you out of the orphanage.
You walk and the orphanage fades behind you. Soon you appear in a doctor’s office waiting room. There’s children everywhere playing with toys and reading books. A little boy walks up to you holding a teddy bear. He sneezes a small little sneeze.
“Are you sick too?” He asks and begins to cough. You shake your head no.
“Oh are you visiting?” he asks with a smile.
“Sorry, were just passing through” The girl says. The boys grins and waves his hand, sending you off with a good-bye. Soon, the waiting room fades as well. As you walk you faintly see a ferris wheel in front of you.
“We’re almost there!” The girl squeals excitedly. You smile as you approach the entrance of the Circus.
“Are you hungry?” The girl asks. You nod enthusiastically as she leads you to a line. You wait in line for food. She hands you a cup filled with chocolate crickets.
“Are these real crickets?” You ask.
“Oh no of course not, it’s just chocolate in the shape of a cricket” She says smiling taking a bite. You hesitantly put one in your mouth and smile at the delicious flavor.
“Hey, enjoying the Circus?” Asks a smiling clown walking up to you and the girl, each handing you a balloon. You both nod eating another piece of chocolate.
“Good” The clown says smiling. As you eat a third piece of chocolate the world start to fade away. Soon the girl and clown are gone, and you are left in the dark.
“Hello?!” You call out into the darkness.
No one answers. Soon you wake up in your bed, realising it was just a dream. A dream you had hoped to never wake up from.     

The author's comments:

I was asked to write it for a school event

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