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June 29, 2014
By Bella13 SILVER, Los Angeles, California
Bella13 SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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"Wit is educated insolence"

She looks up from her silence, She's been at it for awhile.
She looks up because she hears the splashing of rain on the earth. It crashes in waves like the ocean on the door and patio. She walks to the window, still enveloped in an eerie silence. Rain pours down from the heavens, drops of rain wash the window. 

It's like the sky is crying for Her.

The flowers blooming petals aren't blooming any more  and She sees the last bit of blue covered up by grey. She walks back to her chair, but now when She's silent, She can feel the cold radiating from the door. And She can't miss the grey shadow coming from all the windows. Thunder rumbled. She stood up. The house was somber and dark. She suddenly noticed that the lights were off. Walking slowly to the door, She was almost scared to open it for fear of what might be out there. Touching the handle She felt the frost creep into her bones, as she opened the door thunder vibrated her skull.


As She opened it fully, the sun smiled at her in a blue sky, and the grass looked like mint. Flowers bloomed in every corner of the field, and there was not an ounce of grey or black. I told her, " the storm passed." She listened.
And when she woke up, the sun was shining into her window. She smiled.

The author's comments:
This is about a girl realizing that being unhappy didn't make her happy. I wrote it for one of my friends.

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