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Can you read this story?

May 29, 2014
By 12gage PLATINUM, Genesee,
12gage PLATINUM, Genesee,
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“Children, get ready for bed now.”
The king spoke.

“But Grandfather, can we have a story tonight??”
Three voices spook at once.

“Oh all right. Go and get your story book then.”

“No not one of those. we want a real story.”

“A Real story, huh?

“Yes, tell us what when you were a long king?”

“Every well I will have to take you a long way in time”

It all began, with a great town, know where and wide for its bussions with trade. Of all things, gold wood work, metal, silk, and great gems. The people of this town were kind and good. If one could sell, buy, trade they were welcome, or needed a place to stay was also welcome. This great town stood before one of the greatest and last great kingdoms of the Night. The town had no trouples, until the day came.

One night, just like the countless other went by, people slept, the guard kept watch dogs barked now and then. Then they heard the first sounds of battle. The towns gates and been busted down and huge numbers flodded the town with death and blood sheld.
Screams filled the air both man and woman could be heard. Then smock filled the skies, and the screams faded away, and the hundreds of footsteps faded as well. Leaving nothing left standing. Hours later a small child moved the pile of wood and metal that lay on her off of her.
She got up and saw the remains of her home and everything else. The last thing she remembered was her father and mother hiding her under the wood and metal. And trying to defend their home with a few biobers of theirs.
She could still hear her fathers voice shouting.

“Friends of old, bothers and sisters,
I live my a code and the code
Is easily, “Love your family, honor
Your gods and defead your

The few with her father stood with him to the end.

The girl looked around and saw her father’s black and wild horse still standing next to the remains of her house. She slowly walked to the great horse, even slowler when the horse looked at her. Then the horse looked at the rope then back at her again.
The girl knew what the horse was saying to her, “untie me and I will help you.”
Slowly she untied the knot and let the horse lose. The great black horse got done on all four of its legs, so the small girl could get on his back. Once she was on him and holding onto his long black hair. The horse walked away.
Slowly the girl made way to the kingdom of her home land.

Fifty Miles away

The great kingdom of the night, stood as still, as she did the day she was built. Now she lay faded, but still beautiful as ever in her own way. Her walls still stood high, ever branched or tore down. Her lands still green as ever, her people still peaceful as ever and still tough and strong, both body and soul.
The riches of the kingdom came from the ground beath her in the Earth. Great stones of “Ruby, dimmon and other gems and metals Gold, silver, iron, steel and countless others were found and forged into works of arts, both steel and iron and silver, were used to make the guardians of the great kingdom, amour and weapons, shields, helmets. Gems and metal were used to build more of the kingdom.
The great king of the kingdom, the greatest of his bothers. Seven bothers they were, but this king was the strongest and best of the seven. His rule was well known to the world of the night and the day. Slowly but surely his power increased by the day, more warriors came to his side. The great king needed more gold and silver to pay the fines of more warriors’ coming to his kingdom.
His milers dug dipper into the earth to recover more wealth from the earth. Over five years of milling and forging the kings treasure was filled to the floor to the top of the great room. But the king need of gold, became too much for his mind. A sickness began to grown in his mind and where sickness is grown troupe came soon after. The days grew darker for the kingdom.

The great king had several enemies, who wanted his kingdom and riches, which is why he need more warriors to help defend their people’s last home land to them.
Not lonely did his people want more gold, they wanted more Blood. Food and drink, did not hold these mightily people down, what their main dice was blood…Human. The great king and his Bothers and his people were not man, but Vampires, all from a long and powerful Blood line. The king knew his people were on the edge of exaction as a race. Not only had many thousands of their kin lain dead in the chambers of the dead.
The king knew, what was needed to bring together the remaining of his people as one, under a signal flag. As many times, he tried he could not bring the remaining groups together under his command, to stand together to the last standing.
The king knew he was out numbered of warriors and defeat was seen by all of his people. But not to the king’s eyes, he only saw Victory or he would dye fighting. So the great king and his bothers waited for the enemy to come to his land. But no sign came of his great enemy, “the Hunters.”
Slowly the days dawned away, one morning a lone knight, stood watch and he saw a single horse on the land of his home and kingdom. As was he training, he ran to the great horn of his people and blew wind into the old horn of battle. The great sound could be heard miles away. The shouts that came afterward were many, warriors ran into battle ranks waiting. The king and his bothers stood on the front wall overseeing the thousands of warrior’s forum ranks to engage their enemy. One by one each of them fell on the ground a thousand feet below. Swords in hand each of them walked through the ranks of warriors waiting for the sign from the king.
The king stood looking at the single rider on his great fields of green and light brown of wheat and the grass. As the king looked at the rider he saw the person was too small to be a true hunter warrior, but a small child on a great horse of war.
He raised his hand in the air and lowered. A dozen horse men round out to the single rider to find out who ever it was, but in the deep part of his mind the king knew war and just began…

Four hours later
The great king sat with his head in his two hands. After hearing the Childs story of how her home was attack and burned to nothing. The few who hear this tale of sorrow, knew the hunters had moved to attack them on their own ground and homeland. Hunters wanted the king’s people dead.
The child was given a room and place under the kings own care. He had no hair to his throne no more. His only hair his daughter, had been defeated by the hunters who now were on the move to his home. His daughter was one of his greatest fighters. When he and she were on the battle field together, they were unstoppable. When she had been killed he had swore to revenge her death, by destroying the hunters once and for all.

The sound of whips cracked distanced shouts from the back shouting, “Forward!” slowly the lines of the hunters came and came to a stop, miles away from the Main gate to the great castle.
The great king and his bothers blew into their family horns of battle. Minutes of seven horns blazing, the huge horn of the castle was blown. The king’s armies gathered and formed ranks.
The following words came from the great king himself,

“Bothers take up arms!!”
Thousands of shouts came and stopped
And the men listened,

“Bothers stand your ground

My sons, today we fight

My bothers in arms we

March to war

And to victory!!

Our enemy shall not

Know the great taste

Of Victory, only the

Bitter taste of their

Own blood,


The few hundred thousand the king could gain raised their weapons into the air
And shout

Then the hunter’s lines broke, and they ran forward to the great black walls.

“Man the walls!! Arm the battle mints!!”

The king shouted.
Warriors rushed and ready the weapons of war.

“Man the Great Gate!!”
Hundreds stood ready at the main gate to defend it

“Let’s send these fowl hunters, back to Hell!!!”
The king nodded, then huge rocks of stone flu through the air and landing in the hunters ranks.

“Archers!! Ready Arrows!!”
The sound of thousands of string being drawn back.

“Lose Arrows!!”
Thousands of tings as arrows left their strings and cut through the air and embed themselves into the hunter’s ranks.

Many hunters lay dead, but they still marched on to the castle walls.
“Thud, thud,”
Tall leaders had breached the wall.

“Push of the leaders!!! Off the walls!!!”
The king shouted.

Warriors pulled the leaders off and pushed them back on to the hunter’s numbers.

“Battle towers!!”

Cried the king.

“Start the fires!!”

Hundreds of archers strong flaming arrows and shout them into the fields of wheat and grass. The fields caught aflame. The hunter battle towers caught in the middle of the trap. Slowly they burned.

Something came from the flames which creped to the castle gates. Thousands of hunters pulled it to the gates, “A great hammer” the hunters had brought to smash the gates down.
“men! To the gates!!!”
The king shouted.

“Bang, bang, bang”

The hammer bashed the gates again and again, until the great oak gave a moan.

“My bothers we are
Soldiers of the night,
No matter what comes
Through those Gate we
We will stand our ground!”
The kings armies shouted and readied for battle

“One more hit to the gates before they open”

Each warrior thought.

“Pikes in front
Archers behind
Swords and ax
Get ready for a WAR!!!”

The king shouted, before “Bang”.

The great gates blew open, waves of hunters rushed forward. Many met the heads of the lowered spears. Blood was everywhere, bodies of vampires and hunters lay on the grounds. The sound of swords hitting swords was so loud that nothing could be heard.

Hours later

Battle still goes on, either hunter or vampire gave up hope of victory.
Then, more horns sounded.

Both looked to see who had come; the flag that hang in the sky was a black flag with a crescent moon on it. The Vampires cheered and fought on stronger than before.

“Fight to the end my bothers,”
The king shouted as he raised his blood stained sword in the air in Victory. More vampires joined the fight, but our enemy still had many numbers on their side. Our armies faced each other, head on again. Slowly our forces stood in victory over the defeated hunters.


But there was no song… or feast, because our dead were beyond the count of grief. We few survived.
The strongest of the seven bothers still stood. Blood covered him from foot to his head. His sword was damaged and stain with the blood of the hunters.
The few remaining, warriors looked up to the king and kneeled before him.
Each other them thought to themselves,

“There is one we could call king
There is one we all could follow.
There is one who we all would fight for

There is one we could fallow
There is one, we could call our
King of kings.”

Then the king spoke to his men

“My Bother’s and my
Sisters, my sons and
We stand victories
Our mortal enemy
Now we must retake
Our True Kingdom
The few warriors shouted in answer

“End of The story”

“But Grandfather that cannot be the end of the story it just can’t end there can it?”
The little boy asked his grandfather, while the other two lay asleep.

“Yes, my little one that is how it ends tonight the rest is yet to be told. And that part is your story to tell”

The great king said to his grandson.

The little boy lay down; waiting to know how the story really ended, then sleep took him.

The king sat back on his throne and thought back to those old days again. His daughter came and sat next to her father and they had peace for the rest of the time in the world.



The author's comments:
just something i wanted to write for a while just never got to it, until now. um not sure where i was going with it just wanted to write a story that had different kinds of meaning in it. you know that wasnt hundereds of pages long. so here is my.

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this was great! Amazing diction and vivdality by the way :3