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Autumn Sunset MAG

By Anonymous

   I dip my paddle tentatively into the cool, crystalline waters and stroke. As the canoe glides smoothly over the surface, the paddle leaves a small trail of yawning whirlpools in its wake. Scintillating leaves of emerald, gold, and crimson whisper softly as the crisp, delicious air caresses them gently. The swiftly descending sun blazes resplendently in the sapphire sky, spilling a billion glistening diamonds onto the slightly rippled surface of the cerulean lake.

As the sun sinks below the skyline, the tiny diamonds glitter blindingly and the leaves furiously rustle. The vivid colors of the horizon dance and leap, mingling and melting together into one brilliant, illuminated instant when all the world seems to glow with radiance.

I blink, and it is gone. The leaves have fallen silent, the sky has faded and grown dark. Immersing my paddle into the still, reticent waters, I reflect appreciatively upon the ephemeral beauty of an autumn sunset. 1

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i love this !

on Jun. 6 2012 at 5:24 pm
j.Jaishri.a SILVER, St. Paul, Minnesota
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You have a gift with adjectives - the pictures you were just able to paint with your words was incredible. Continue to write :) that was lovely.