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March 27, 2014
By Different_Person BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Different_Person BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I've been living alone without parents for what feels like forever. I am living in the ruins of what I once called home. I fend for myself, but I am rarely ever hungry, as if I don't have a stomach. I am always cold, and these ruins don't hold any heat, but at the very least they provide wind protection. I even cover myself in blankets, but even then I am cold.

I've never needed to hunt, for some reason the poor souls of some lost animals always stumbles their way into my ruins. I've never needed to leave my ruins, I've never needed to, plus the outside world is a horrible place, a place infested with monsters.

*faint whispers*

“Huh,” I whispered as I got up from my blanket bed. `That was weird,` I thought, `wonder what that was, maybe I should go investigate it.`

I got up and left the ruins behind me.

“Come back to us,” something said in the quietest voice possible. “Please.”

Scared stiff, I managed something that faintly resembles running back to my home. I made it back to it but instantly ran into something, as if an invisible barrier.

“No! Let me in! Please! Let me in!” banging away at the Invisible barrier.

“You left,” the whisper sounding agitated. “You can't return, why did you allow yourself to be caught off guard, pulled out from your safe haven.”

I then felt a strange tug and all of a sudden... whiteness.


The author's comments:
Just something i made for school.

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