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Day of the fire.

December 6, 2013
By Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
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The screams,
the flames,
the smoke,
the sirens outside,
“its gonna be ok.”
the ladder,
the man,
i shoved my little sister forward
“Go Becca, now!”
i was coughing,
they disappeared out of view,
“i’ll be with you soon, becca…”
The world went black.

I could hear beeping, the slow, steady beep of a heart monitor, my vision was blurry, but i knew i was in the hospital, near by, my sister was laying in the window seat, “Becca?” i said, my voice was hoarse, my sister immediately sat up and smiled at me, “tessa? you’re awake.” i smiled back my muscles ached, oh, who was i kidding? my whole body in and out hurt, as my vision started to clear, my mother walked in, “Tessa!” she cried, rushing to my side, “mom? what happened?” she looked at me curiously, “you don’t remember?”
“i do… up until the man took becca out of site… then it goes blank…” her mother grabbed becca and sat her on her lap, “tess, you passed out, when they brought you in they thought it was critical, but they found you’d be ok, but you need some treatment. blah blah blah, they said if you had been in there even a few moments longer… you might have died… they also said, you save your sisters life.”
“yup, you saved me tessya” that made me smile, she mispronounced my name sometimes, and it always made me smile when she did it. “beck? i wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for you, because in a sense you saved me, you do know i love you right, Beck?” she smiled.
“im glad you’re ok, Tess.” my mother said, i looked at her,
i was glad i hadn't died that night, glad that i saved my sister, i was happy for everything i had.
A cheery looking woman walked in, “you’re, awake,” the woman said, her clothes were powderpuff pink, it was a shade of pink that i could not stand, it made me want to gag, but her doe eyes were the color of melted milk chocolate, with specs of gold sprinkled over them, her soft smile dashed with a dab of soft pink, her brown hair tied up with a ribbon that matched her clothes, she was very pretty.
“i was just checking up on you, and since you’re awake i wanted to tell you, my name is Mollianna, but you can call me molli ok?” her voice was sweet, “ok.”


The author's comments:
just a creative writing i did, i, myself, got really pulled into the beginning, its interesting in my opinion, i believe others will too.

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