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Letters from the war...

December 5, 2013
By Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
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Dear Madame Laurence,
We are doing ok, the girls are fine seemingly oblivious to the war, which i’m glad about it. Eloise? i know he’s out there, he’s alive thinking of his daughters, and fighting for them and me. Adair took her first step just days ago, and molly lost her first tooth yesterday. Eloise, i am holding on for the girls, my illness has gone away. and Patrick bless his heart has stayed here with me to help me and his little sisters. and dear? how is your family?
Lady Winifred Alexsku

Dear Lady Alexscu,
your last letter made me smile , which is hard anymore, for this war has been hard on me and the twins, they keep asking where their daddy is, and when he’s coming home… i do not know what to say anymore, Winnie. Anthony left many months ago, i am scared that he may never come home… mikale has left to join his father, so im scared about him too, Cecil and Miranda are constantly asking about their dad and i say their daddy’s fighting for our freedom, going to save our lives but they don’t believe me anymore, Winnie darling? how much longer do you think this’ll last?
Truly yours, XOXO
Madame Eloise Laurence

The author's comments:
just a creative burst that ended in letters between two women whose husbands were in the war from

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