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By Anonymous

   The weather today is excellent and here I am, stuck at my home without a car, stranded inside a dark dungeon which would otherwise be a nice place when I'm stranded in that other prison, called school. It seems that, throughout my life, I have been stuck in a never-ending cycle, monotonous, continuous. Everything comes in cycles - water, grading periods, electric bills, meals, days, schedules, semesters - just about everything. People call it order and anything else is chaos. I feel trapped in never-ending cycles of eternity, like I'm trapped in some fabric of time and space.

Okay, I have to stop complaining. I just wish I had the time and carefree attitude to go jump through fields of grass, but unfortunately I have to fight those evil heathens of the underworld that want to drag me into soul's slavery - homework and other heathens. One of these monsters I am bravely defending myself from is called College Applications. It's ironic that these monsters are somehow all related. Those college applications are brothers of the Evil-Testing Serpent (ETS) and judge you on how much you've scored on the Sinister Aptitude Test (SAT). Then, once you're assimilated into the District, they assign you an ID number and expect you to graduate as a neatly packaged, robotic, evil drone, and then go out into the work world to do their bidding.

It's a conspiracy, I tell you. The whole world is after us. It's BIG BROTHER. He's watching me and you and everybody. Oh, no, he's taken over my parents too! And he's especially powerful among Asian families. Is there a way to fight it? Can my defiance lead to victory?

They're after me - I know it. This computer, it records all my thoughts and then seduces me to read their propaganda, called the Internet. They're brainwashing us, each and every one of us. I must resist. I must not be assimilated into their computerized, mechanical world! I must resist. I must defy. I must rally my forces and attack, but they evolve to counter my defenses. Must attack head-on. No, flank from the left. Wait - draw back. Wait till they pass us and then attack from the behind. Watch out for the negotiators; they're the tricky ones. Van Jean, don't listen to them - they'll reel you in like the sirens. Resist. Fight.

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. You will learn to serve us. Your cultural and scientific distinctiveness will become ours.

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i love this !