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The Soul Searcher

February 21, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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She looked normal, spoke normally, and didn’t seem unusual. But the truth was, she wasn’t normal at all. She had a gift; a gift that came as a price. She had the ability of a ghost whisperer.

A year or two ago, a house burst into flames and trapped a family inside. With the help of firefighters, most of the family got out…except for their little girl. She was still stuck inside and seemed to have no way of getting out. Onlookers watched as the firefighters attempted to free her, but the area was too hot. Just then, a teenager named Kathy saw a way into the house and cautiously entered the hot zone.

Slowly finding her way through the smoke and heat, Kathy finally found the girl and coaxed her to get out of the house. Carefully getting to where Kathy entered the house, she nudged the little girl out of the hot zone. But before she herself could get out, the ceiling collapsed on Kathy and everything went black. She found herself floating in mid-air and looked up to see a light at the end of a tunnel. Oh, no, she thought, I’m dead. When she neared the light, she saw who else emerging from the light but Jesus Christ.

“Katherine,” he said in an ethereal voice. She felt overwhelmed and was ready to cry, but he said, “Do not worry. Your work is far from over. You will live again, but with a gift. In due time, you will find out what it is and we hope that you will use it wisely. God bless you, Katherine.” Just then, she went spiraling downwards, but she didn’t land.

She woke up in the hospital with machines hooked on her. She bore new scars and burns from when the ceiling fell on her. She was glad she was alive, but yet, she wondered what her gift was. The night when she came home from the hospital, she had a strange dream. She dreamt about hundreds of ghosts and how they called to her for help. She woke up with a startle and an inner voice told her, That’s your gift, Katherine.

She rose from her bed and paced around the room in disbelief. Instantly, she heard an unfamiliar chorus reverberating on her window. She put her hands on the window and felt it freeze. After almost a minute, the chorus stopped and the window was yet again warm. She felt frightened and alarmed at this. Then, she realized she found her purpose, her new mission. She was now determined to fulfill her destiny and be the soul searcher.

The author's comments:
Yes, the house fire came when I was watching "Smoke Signals" when I wrote this. I did not base this off of "Ghost Whisperer". This story was what came into mind when I heard the eerie music from "Smoke Signals".

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