A Man of Kindness

for. He walked to the bench and sat next to the stranger and started a strange and cryptic conversation. The stories seemed strange and completely unrelated and the man looked like he belonged in tie-dye shirts and wearing Ozzy Osbourne glasses. But strangely this man’s sincere smiles and quick laughter drew the stranger in. quickly the man had The Stranger crying and bearing their darkest thoughts to the man wishing that someone would tell them that what they had done, what they had thought of doing was ok, that it could all be fixed. The man put his arm around The Stranger and drew them into his chest.

As The Jogger turned the corner she saw a strange sight. A stranger curled up in some Hippies chest and sobbing while the hippie whispered in their ear. The Hippie looked kind enough but he made her slightly uncomfortable. Just as she past The Stranger stopped crying and seemed to almost, glow, from what she didn’t know. The Stranger laughed and clapped his hands like a child who had just been given candy before dinner. The Stranger was giddy and thanked this strange Hippie profusely. As she jogged past she judged both The Stranger and The Hippie for being strange and kept going. As she turned the next corner she tripped over a small pile of wood and skinned her knee on the pavement. With a scream and a curse she looked for whatever man would be dumb enough to leave a pile of wood in the middle of the path. Almost immediately The Hippie came around the corner and started apologizing for the stack of wood. He began to explain that he was just a humble man who liked to work with wood and was currently building a dog house by the bench for people’s dogs to use while they sat and enjoyed the scenery. He helped her to the bench and pulled out a first aid kit and started to heal her wound.

He made sure The Jogger was ok and let her go on her way with inspiring words and a little pick me up. As he went back to work on the dog house his hand slipped and a nail went through his hand. With a shout and then a sigh he looked at the nail. He heard The Hoodlum before he saw them. The Hoodlum took up a plank of wood and beat The Hippie with it. The final smack splintered the plank and half of it hit the ground just before the hippie. The Hippie fell and the splintered plank went through his side. The Hoodlum looked shocked at what he had done. The Hippie lay there bleeding from the wound in his side, his head in a thorn bush and somehow he had a nail in each hand. The hoodlum couldn’t quite be sure but it sounded as if just before The Hippie died he muttered something about a father forgiving.

Shortly after the hippie died a storm overtook the town and left houses torn down and killed a few others. Including The Hoodlum.

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