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First Rainfall MAG

By Anonymous

   I amawakened by the sound of trees rustling and thrashing againstmy window. The branches scratch against the screen, like a catscratching a wooden board. All of a sudden there is a noise sointense it shakes my whole house like an earthquake. It makesmy heart skip a beat and my body shiver. Scared, I hide underthe soft covers. Cautiously, I get out of bed to take a lookoutside to see what caused the ruckus. As I open the poorlypainted shade a streak of lightning lights up the sky, and Ifelt like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Rain beatsagainst my window pane.

The rain finally calms and thedrizzle sounds like a stream sweeping quietly in the woods. Iopen my window to see drops of left-over rain fall from thegutter into the puddles below. The outdoors smells like thefirst day of summer, when the flowers start to bloom. I wantto touch the rain, so I reach my pale arm through the windowand let the cold rain drizzle into my hand; it sends a tinglysensation through my body, leaving goose bumps. I sit in mybrown, squeaky rocker and listen to the sound of the wind asit swishes leaves on the damp, cold grass. I hear littlecreatures in the bushes below my window, crawling, looking forshelter from the wicked storm. I leave my window slightly openas I go back to sleep, and listen to the rain drip slowly asit puts my soul at ease.

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i love this !