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August 12, 2012
By SexyKitty28 GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
SexyKitty28 GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
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The room was dark, a young man sat on the cold stone floor in silver chains that hung from the walls, and a small circle of light surrounded him. A sudden wind fell across the silent room and startled the prisoner. He strained his eyes to focus in the darkness, pleading for any slight movement before silently whispering, "Am I alone?" A chill slipped up his spine and the prisoner heard a mysterious voice from the darkness, "No." He pulled desperately on the chains to release him, but they held strong to the cruel stone wall. "Who.. Who is there?" he hoped for a response, "I am..." the voice echoed through the empty room. "I... I can't see you..." the prisoner strained his eyes, pleading to be able to focus on anything in the pitch black, but saw nothing. "Are you really looking?" the voice seemed far away but the prisoner heard it so clearly. "How did you find me here?" wondered the man, why would anyone want to be in this lonely place?

Suddenly, the prisoner felt warm hands rest on his shoulders and heard the voice again, but now it seemed comforting. "I heard your prayers." the prisoner prayed often, of being freed and seeing his dear daughter. The hands lifted from his shoulders and a figure, still within the darkness, moved in front of him. "You can see me?" the man wondered, the harsh light usually blinded him from any source of vision. A beautiful young woman emerged from the shadows, with blonde hair and blue eyes, she was covered with a silver cloak that was pinned with a jade leaf, "Yes."

The prisoner was astonished, for he had adapted to the darkness and cold of the room, and to suddenly see such beauty amazed him. "Who are you?" asked the man, gazing into the girls crystal blue eyes. "My name is Sarene, I'm an angel." the man was struck with confusion, is this possible? But just as the thought dawned on him she unclasped the pin, the cloak fell to the ground, and feathery white wings unfolded from behind her. "You really are, that's amazing!" the man reached for them, but was held away by these cold metal chains of despair. Sarene stared at the chains and then raised her gaze to the mans pleading eyes. "I'm so sorry, but the only one who can free you is yourself." she said, reaching out to warm his cold hands. The man pulled away, "Do you believe that I haven't tried?" and the man showed bloody wounds from years of struggling against the metal cuffs cutting into his wrists. "I... I can't free myself... not all alone..." the man lowered his head as tears fell to the ground. Sarene lifted his head and wiped his tears away, "Does it hurt to cry?" The man pondered the question, "You've never cried?" Sarene shook her head, "No, angels can't cry, we really have no need to." she replied as she wiped away the last tear from the corner of his eye.

The man looked at his dirty hands and noticed a tear fall onto the cuffs that held him in that cold room, and they disappeared on contact. He looked up to see Sarene's face wet with tears, "I..." Sarene gasped at the warm droplets falling from her eyes. "Your not an ordinary angel, Sarene." the prisoner whispered, holding her hands. Sarene looked into his eyes and leaned into him, pressing her lips to his. A bright light illuminated through the whole room and Sarene pulled the man to his feet and spread her wings. The man pulled her into his chest and Sarene surrounded him in white feathers. The couple embraced in the glowing light and then the man felt warmth from on his back. He stepped back and wings, huge and silver, unfolded from behind him and he glowed in pride. "You've proved yourself, you were able to free yourself." The man pulled Sarene to his chest and they faded into the glowing light.

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