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Sally VanHeuston

August 8, 2012
By BubbleWriter BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
BubbleWriter BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
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Hi. I'm Sally (Sal) VanHeuston. 5'3, I'm small for the age of 15. I still can go in the kids area at the water-parks, but I can't go on the big slides, even though I plead the lifeguards to let me go on them. The world can be cruel, especially if your the size of your 10 year old cousin. But in high school, I'm known as the Gorgeous Geek. I was voted 'Most Likely To Win A Beauty Pageant' in our school yearbook just in my first year. I was very surprised to be nominated that. I was up against Stacy Moore, Morgan White, Chloe Goodwin and Peyton Lopez. Stacy Moore and Chloe Goodwin had won at least 25 beauty pageants. Each. Peyton Lopez and Morgan White were also the nicest girls in my class, and their niceness shined on the outside. But by a surprising landslide, I somehow won. The picture of me taken by a professional photographer when I was 13 must have leaked, because I wouldn't have won with all my other pictures. I had developed glasses when I was 14, so all of a sudden, I was classified as a geek in the school classification book. I definitely needed to become popular. Fast. So I became nice to everyone, and you wouldn't even imagine how hard that was. I got A+'s on all of my tests, allowing me to tutor the dumb children, which made me even more popular. I read to kids at the local library, even though they think I'm their age due to my height. But reading to them made me even more popular. And finally, the most popular guy at school asked me out. Which made the popularity scale of mine work its way from geek to chic. I started wearing contacts and more makeup to school, but the popular guy said he liked me for me. The strange laid-back Sal Vanheuston. Then he dumped me, which made me realize I don't need to be popular, I just need to have at least one friend, and that will keep me through the school year. Which Chloe Goodwin did.

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