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World War III

April 19, 2012
By Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
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It is June 15, 2014 and North Korea has blown up all of Europe and Asia.

“Hurry up! Look out the window it’s coming!”

Looking out the window Taylor sees smoke. “What about the Hogars?”

“They’ll be here soon. Just finish packing the train leaves in about an hour.” Well the Hogars are family friends of Taylor and her parents. Their neighbors and relatives all went before them or are in bomb shelters. The North Koreans had bombed NYC and that was the smoke Taylor could see. She was acting like a chicken that just had its head cut off.

“MOM! They’re here! The smoke looks like it’s getting closer!” Taylor yells to her mom across the house. She sticks her head out the door and yells at the Hogars, “Hurry up inside!” Taylor spots Trina, a six year old, running at her “Come on in so they don’t see you!”

“Taylor go get the tickets from the printer. And hurry up down there. I don’t want you getting poisoned.”

She feels like she is flying she’s running so fast. “Trina stay up here!”

“No I want to go with you.”

“No Trina,” says Mandy, Taylor’s mom.

“Do you know where we going? Mommy won’t tell me neither will daddy. Neither will gramma.” She has a speech problem and it’s so cute.

“Trina we are going someplace safer then here.” Taylor looks out the window at the billowing smoke and can’t find Tanna, Mary, or Ted.

“Taylor, Trina I think it’s time to go…” they head to the station.

“Ok luggage here, you over there.” They do what the huge guy tells them to. “You get over there and get in that car.” He was talking to Mandy and telling her to get in a train car that was more of a crate about 4x4. “You two get in there.” This time he was talking to Taylor and Trina about the same size of ‘car’ that Mandy was getting in.

“Haha. You’re hilarious.” She remarked sarcastically. “You really expect us to fit in these crates?” Mandy was a little PO’ed when he told them to get in the crates.

“You want to go to the shelter or do you want to get blown up? Your choice. I'm not stopping you either way.” They all got in the crates and had to stay like that for about three hours but it felt like forever. They got to the last stop until the shelter. They had one more mode of travel to get to the shelter though.

“Last flight leaving in thirty minutes. Please get to your rocket in that time and all rockets are boarding now.” They rush over to gate three where they are to board.

“I’m scared. Where’s Mommy, Daddy, and Mamaw Mary?”

“Taylor have you seen them? I thought you said they showed up?”

“They did but then Trina came running up to me and I looked up and they were gone. I thought they came inside but I haven’t seen them since we left.” All three were freaking out. But they had to get on the rocket before it left without them. They made it there right before the hatchets closed for the flight.

The flight lasts for close to five hours. But if you’re heading to the moon it might. They got there and saw Taylor’s dad’s family but not the Hogars or Taylor’s dad. They did see the compounds and large bags filled with white things. The bags were about the size as five story houses. They were lots of people on top of the bags.

“You. What’s your age and what compound are you in?” He was kinda scary and a commander. So you had to listen and respond to him.

“I am fourty and I am in the South Dakota, USA compound. What do you need?”

“I’ll show you to your compound then you will come with me. You will be working at the South Dakota bag. You how old are you?” he asked turning to Taylor.

“I’ll be seventeen in October.”

“Ok you will work if we need you. How old is she?”

“I am,” Trina holds up six fingers, “one, two, three, four, five, six. Six.”

“She will not work until she is older.” They continue on their way and they pass a bag where people are sorting through it. In the bag there are bones.


"S***! Ok you get to work.“ he tells Taylor.

“How do you know?”

“They just fell off the South Dakota bag and got injured. Everyone eighteen and older already work. You’re the next oldest. You work.” They set up their room in the compound. Mandy and Taylor went to work sorting through the bags. In the bags they found skeletons of people from the place that was written on the bag.

“Gross. I can’t believe all these people have died from South Dakota.” Taylor pulls up a skull and recognizes an imprint near the eye. “Mom, this it Emmy…”

“No it’s not. She was alive and well when we left. It can’t be her.”

“It is.” She throws it se she doesn’t have to look at it anymore. Just then a huge bomb is heard and everyone looks toward earth.

That’s the end of Earth. North Korea is the only place surviving. Hopefully they will not figure out everyone is on the moon…

The author's comments:
This was a dream I had. I changed the names of the people...

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