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April 12, 2012
By Zachisme BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
Zachisme BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
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I didn't understand, I couldn't. But it was plain and simple, I was cornered, beaten. It had me crushed and broke, It held my soul tight and It wasn't going to let go. What did I do? What could I have done to deserve this kind of punishment? The answer is simple, love. I loved the wrong person. Now I was going to pay.
"I'm sorry." The words slipped and fell, nobody reached to catch them, nobody to sympathize with me.
"Oh really, Well that's news to me." I shrunk into myself, trying hard, trying to get away.
"So sorry, so sorry." Tears, spilled over and rushed down my face. I covered my eyes and let out a sob. 
It ripped my hands off my face and shoved me. I fell back onto the floor, crying, not defending myself in the slightest.
"Get up!" It screeched. "I don't feel sorry for you! I don't feel anything for you! Your nothing!" It's words pierced, deep.
"Stop it." I whispered. Tears flew continuously down my face. "I'm sad, hurt, broken, sorry, upset, and I just want to lay down and cry because nothing is going right."
It looked surprised for a moment, then growled deeply from the back of its throat. "Get up. And get out."
"Okay." but I didn't move, because this was my house. It could make me say or do anything, but It could never move my heart. It did not look happy.
"Just go, just leave this house because it's mine now." I looked up, I searched that face for any sign of remorse, any sign of regret for ruining me. I found none. I knew there was happiness somewhere, but not here. Not when I let It beat my soul down into a sadness that hurts more than any physical pain could.
"I'm sorry, I'll leave now. Good bye." I whispered these words, no feeling slipped through my lips, no thought, no sadness, no love. I got up and walked out of my house, with the eyes of Life watching me.

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