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The Championship Game

March 5, 2012
By bearsfan654 SILVER, Elmhurst, Illinois
bearsfan654 SILVER, Elmhurst, Illinois
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The crisp, frigid night air surrounded the stadium, while the wind danced above. Yet the fans did not care. Tonight they would hold their heads high, or lean them low. The game about to be played would be extremely important; to some fans this win would be more important than the birth of a relative. After all, the biggest rivalry in sports would once again support its claim tonight.

The game was ugly. Quarterbacks quickly felt the intense rush of a gust, which resulted as a defender coming in for a nasty, shrewd hit that would hurt for days. The running backs galloped like a horse as they zipped past the nearest defender. However, the defense always prevailed, and by halftime it was a measly score of 10-7. The Packers were winning.

The cheeseheads became rowdy and rude, throwing bottles and cups at the largely outnumbered Bears fans.

“You stink!” yelled some Packers fans.

“You’re going to lose!” jeered others.

Yet the Bears would not back down. The experienced defense made the third quarter exciting, with major stops, sacks, and deflection. The hits were as almighty and powerful as a huge truck. However, the Packers’ stellar defense would repeat the Bears’ tactics and results against the Bears’ offense. The defense was dominating and made the game exciting. The offense made the hyped game drone on.

No one had scored, and it looked like all was lost for the Bears. It was 4th down at the Bears’ own twenty yard line. It was 4th down, and the Bears needed a touchdown to win. Cheers were filling the stadium. The Packers fans knew they were going to the Super Bowl after this. They become as jittery as if they had a Skittle too many. Meanwhile, the Bears fans were glued to their seats, knowing it was now or never.

“Hike!” Cutler yelled as he caught the ball from Garza. Cutler proceeded to watch for an open target. After holding the ball for a few seconds, he threw as the linebacker proceeded to hit him.

It was a well thrown ball, and the receiver was wide open. However, he did not succeed in catching the ball. The game was over. The Packers had won.

So many cheers filled the city of Green Bay, that they could be heard from miles away. Packers fans proceeded to jump up and down at Lambeau Field, almost causing an earthquake. However, the cheers and the cries soon quickly vanished. A flag was on the field. There was a penalty.

The referee trotted to the middle of the field, hoping that the game would be over quickly so he could go indoors and get a nice warm cup of hot cocoa. But he knew he had to be fair. There would be one last play.

“Pass interference, defense, number 37,” the referee managed to say through the boos of the Packers fans. “15 yard penalty from the spot of the foul. Automatic first down.” The cheers that occurred just seconds before were quickly replaced with boos at the referees for allowing the enemy one last play.

Thanks to the penalty, the Bears were now at midfield and had a first down. However, with part of the time wasted on the previous play, the Bears had time for only one play. The fans of both teams were quiet, as if they were experiencing the suspense of a Hitchcock movie. To the players, it felt like the calm before the storm.

Garza snapped the ball to Cutler, who proceeded to look for an open target. But the Packers blitzed. It looked like Jay Cutler would be sucked into a sea of rowdy, green and yellow men. However Cutler escaped, running gallantly past the Packers’ Clay Matthews. With less time than ever, Cutler settled his feet, and just as one wave of the sea of green and yellow men closed in on the target, Cutler threw.

No breath was emitted in the stadium. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. The only sound that could be heard was the football zipping through the air like a bullet. Everyone watched as Earl Bennett, surrounded by two Packers’ defenders, managed to jump and catch the ball in the endzone. Touchdown!

Boos were once again existent, but the cheers of the Bears’ fans overrode those boos. The Bears had won! It was 13-10, and as Robbie Gould kicked the PAT, Bears fans’ rejoiced. Back in Chicago, fans lined the streets in blue and orange uniforms, cheering and celebrating the win of the century.

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