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The Oddities that Walk the Earth

January 24, 2012
By Simple_Minds BRONZE, Barton, Maryland
Simple_Minds BRONZE, Barton, Maryland
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A blond haired girl sat in the middle of an algebra class poking her best friend who just happened to be sitting next to her. A boy behind her had just given her a note that was sitting in her pocket waiting to be read.
"Lily, stop poking me," the girl's friend said, but the smile on his face showed he was joking when he gave her the harsh tone.
"Jack, Jack, Jack," the blond whispered.
The black haired boy beside her glared at Lily.
Lily gave him a large idiotic smile and looked at the board just as the teacher asked if anyone knew the answer to the question on the board. She answered in a bored tone and went back to poking Jack.
He smiled, the only reason Lily was still in this class was because she didn't want him to be alone with a bunch of idiots.
"Jack, I've got an idea," Lily said out of the corner of her mouth.
He gave her a questioning sideways look until he saw her pull a bat pendant out of her backpack.
"Be careful, if we get caught we're dead," Jack said.
Lily sighed, "I thought it was the girl who was supposed to say that."
"You know what happened the last time you and I played a trick on a normal," Jack whispered fiercely.
Lily only smiled, "Oh, I remember."
Jack rolled his eyes, "Fine, but it better be worth getting in trouble for."
Jack felt the world around him go black as the Lily took care of picking the person who would be their next victim. He knew who she chose as soon as another mind joined their group. It was the boy who had annoyed her since she was put in her seat.
"Nice choice," Jack said.
"Thank you," Lily replied.
They landed in the middle of the lake. He and Lily were in dark hooded cloaks, but the boy was in the clothes he'd been in at school. Jack gave Lily a sideways glance as she twirled the bat charm between her fingers.
"We are the game designers and we want you to win our games," Lily said in a clipped voice.
"Why should I?" Lucaus asked.
"Because if you don't thins will happen," Lily said and Lucaus felt the shock of electricity go through his body.
He looked to where the two cloaked figures stood, "What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to swim through the water without getting eated by a shark," Lily replied.
"Lil, that voice is killing my ear drums," Jack whispered.
"Sorry," Lily whispered back.
"How am I supposed to stop a shark from coming after me?" Lucaus asked.
"You don't."
"Lil," there was a note of warning in Jack's voice.
"Fine, here you get three charges," Lily said and a laser gun dropped in front of Lucaus. Silently she added three more sharks to the twenty she had swimming below the floating island. "The rules are simple. There's a tunnel at the bottom of this lake. If you make it there in one piece you get home safe and sound."
"And if I don't?" Lucaus asked.
"Then you stay here and rot!" Jack yelled. He wanted Lily to hurry he was missing class.
Lily rolled her eyes, "We'll see you at the finish line."
There they sat in the middle of class waiting for Lucaus to return. The teacher was oblivious to the fact there was a missing child in the class room.
"How long do you think it'll take him to realize he has to be eaten to come back?" Jack asked.
Lily held up her hand and slowly moved her fingers from five down to one. When the last finger she was holding up came down the bell for everyone to go home rang and Lucaus fell back into his seat. His hair was soaked and he smelled like fish guts. Lily laughed as she walked by him and Jack couldn't help but laugh along with her.
"Lil, what about that note in your pocket? What does it say?" Jack asked.
Lily read it out loud, "I love you, oh look there's a smiley face sticking his tongue out at me at the bottom." She sighed, "Who ever wrote this is going to have a wonderful fourth block tomorrow."

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