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The One Who Said Never

December 2, 2011
By sweetiepye16 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
sweetiepye16 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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One day in a small far away village, was a girl named Maria. She worked in the town mill from sunrise to sunset to help bring money back to her family. One day, she was told to take a barrel of flour to the store to be sold. The store was conveniently placed on the top of the steepest hill, right in the middle of the village. It went up and up, looking like it almost reached the sky.

Getting to the bottom of the hill, Maria turned the barrel onto its side and began to roll it up the hill. But after taking just a few steps, the barrel began to roll back down. She tried again, but was unsuccessful. Watching from nearby, Adelina saw that Maria was having trouble. Not only being the village beauty, but also the kindest, most helpful person, Adelina loved to help people. All they had to do was say so. She walked up to Maria and said, “Good morning Maria! I see you are having trouble getting that barrel up the hill. Would you like some help?” Maria scoffed and said, “No. Help is what the helpless need. I am not. Help is nothing but I fool’s way out of a problem. I will never need help. Good day.” Maria but her back to the barrel and started to push it back up the hill. Adelina walked away amused at what Maria had said.

Maria tried and tried to get that barrel up the hill. Adelina had returened and asked again if Maria needed help. Again, she scoffed and said, “No! I will never need for help.” No matter how hard she pushed, which ever angle she tried, the barrel wouldn’t make it up the hill. Exasperated, Maria sat down and said, “I’ll never get this barrel up the hill!” She rubbed her aching, burning legs in sorrow. Not only this, but she realized she was hungry too. A soft breeze carried the wonderful scent of fresh made bread. Looking to the bakery, she saw a crowd of people surrounding the baker and Adelina, who were selling bread to eager customers. She was amazed at how just this morning there hadn’t been a single loaf prepared. Thinking, se realized help is what made that bread, which meant help helped to bring the baker business. Adelina returned yet again and said, ”You still haven’t gotten that barrel up the hill! I will ask a final time; do you need help?” Maria thought for a moment and said, “Yes actually. Yes I do.” Adelina smiled, rolled up her sleeves, and together they pushed the barrel up to the top of the hill, into the store, and to the clerk, who gave Adelina twenty gold coins for! Maria turned to her and said, “Oh Adelina, I’m so sorry! I should have never said the things I did! Help is wonderful, not a fool’s way out. I know this now.” She held out the coins and said, ”Here. You deserve this.” Adelina smiled and said, “I don’t help to get a reward. I help because I like to keep it. If you ever need help, don’t be afraid to ask.” They turned and together, walked away, happy as can be.

The author's comments:
This was a fable we had to write for school this is mine. And also, I know the title is a little misleading.

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