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Anna's Story

November 25, 2011
By Hershyg1rl BRONZE, Pope, Mississippi
Hershyg1rl BRONZE, Pope, Mississippi
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Anna stood under the dim light of the streetlamp at the same corner she had stood at every night for the past 6 months. She watched the cars go by slowly, picking up the other girls that were scattered up and down the street across from her and along the one she was standing on. She stood next to Roxy, veteran in the “profession” (if anyone could call it that), who had taken Anna under her wing after finding her starving and broken from her abusive parents in the street a week after running away from home. Her parents had beaten her until she couldn’t take it anymore and she had just ran. She hadn’t packed any clothes or anything. Just ran until her legs gave out. That’s when Roxy found her.

Roxy, even though her once smooth, chocolate skin was wrinkled and discolored from years of smoking and she looked like a skeleton from doing crack since she was a teenager, was still a beautiful woman with almond colored eyes, dark hair, long legs, full breasts, and full lips. She was a favorite among the men and got picked up once a night at least. Anna was just as popular- much to her displeasure- with her youthful, pale skin, big green eyes, long black hair, and fully developed body.

A green car rolled by their corner, slowly, and Anna’s skin prickled as she felt the man behind the window’s eyes slide over every part of her skimpily clothed body. She prayed he didn’t stop. She didn’t want to go with him and she didn’t want Roxy to leave her alone, unprotected. She cringed inwardly as he did exactly what she hoped he wouldn’t. He rolled down his window and pointed at Roxy. Anna couldn’t see what he looked like. The inside of the car was dark and shadowed. Roxy walked seductively over to the car and started to do business with the man whose face Anna couldn’t see. She watched Roxy climb into the car, but looked away as they drove away, not wanting to think about what was undoubtedly going to happen. Anna felt disgusted. She had never wanted this for herself. Now there was no way out.

Just as she was thinking this thought, a white truck pulled up to her corner and rolled down its window. A tan man with ice blue eyes and blonde hair pointed at her and she slowly walked over to him, trying not to stumble in her 8-inch heels that she loathed so much. She got to the car and leaned into the window, trying hard to make herself look seductive like Roxy, pushing her chest out and biting her lip and smiling. She desperately needed the money.

“Hey sexy. Are you looking for a good time?” She asked. It came out awkwardly. She wasn’t use to talking to her customers like that. The man chuckled lightly, sensing she was still a newbie.

“Sure am. How much?” The man asked in a deep, dangerous voice that sent shivers up her spine.

“Uh… $50 for a handy, $75 for a BJ, and $100 for sex,” she stuttered. He smiled a lopsided smile at her, like he was picking her up for a dinner-date. It wasn’t an unpleasant thing.

“I’ll take the sex. Hop in, pretty thang,” He said. Anna could hear a southern twang. Again, it wasn’t unpleasant. She stood up, took a deep breath, and opened the door. She sat down on the edge of the seat and took another deep breath. The smell of beer and wintergreen chewing tobacco almost overwhelmed her. Disgusting. She reluctantly closed the door, not wanting to be trapped inside with this strange man and that awful smell. He pulled away from the corner and the safety of that flickering streetlight.

“How old are you, darlin’?” He asked. She was starting to like his voice, starting to relax a little.

“14,” she answered. He glanced at her, faux concern all over his face.

“How’d you get into this business so young? And why?” he asked, seemingly surprised. She knew he didn’t care, that he was just trying to pass the time until they got to the dirty motel she was sure they were going to. It’s where they always took her.

“I ran away from home. Needed money. Didn’t exactly have a barrage of job offers. Pretty self explanatory,” she explained. He nodded slowly, acting like he was processing it. He probably hadn’t even been listening. He was the gentlemanly type, she could tell. He was being polite, asking her all these questions. He would act empathetic and sorry for her, and then f*** her in a dirty, cheap, squeaky motel bed, and she would act like she liked it. Like he was the best she’d ever had. Like she was willing, and even eager, to be his sex toy.

He pulled off the main road suddenly and onto a little stretch of dirt road going into the woods. The trees were blocking off any light the moon and stars would’ve provided. The result was pitch black that the truck’s headlights could barely penetrate. None of Anna’s customers had ever taken her into the woods. She was starting to get a little scared.

He pulled up into a clearing and stopped the car, turning the headlights off. They weren’t needed anymore. The clearing was completely lit up from the moon. The man got out of the car and told her to stay inside. He went to the trunk, opened it, and pulled out a big, soft-looking red blanket. He went around to the front of the car and spread it out in the middle of the clearing. In the moonlight, Anna could see all of his features. He had a chiseled face and a muscular body. He was a handsome man. The type of man Anna and her friends would’ve swooned over, giggling like teenage girls do.

He came back to the driver’s side of the car and opened the door, smiling at her. The way the moonlight fell on his face took away his handsome features and replaced them with something evil-looking. He gestured for her to get out. Anna opened her door slowly and shivered as the cold night air blew on her exposed skin. She didn’t want to leave the warmth of the car, even if the smell was poisoning.

The man went around to her side of the car and put his hand on the small of her back, trying to guide her, but Anna cringed away. He frowned and she got the hint and let him touch her. He nudged her, harder this time, towards the blanket. She did what he wanted her to without him having to ask her and laid down, spreading her legs. Her crotch less panties she was forced to wear made her shivering worse. She looked up at the stars, the beautiful stars, and studied them, waiting. Hoping it would be over soon.

He pulled his pants down and got on top of her, grunting as he entered her. She didn’t move. She was used to it. It didn’t hurt anymore. She tried to act interested and like she loved it, like Roxy taught her, like she knew he wanted her to but she hadn’t gotten used to that either and she had never been a good actor.

He got angrier the longer he went, knowing she was faking her interest. He slapped her and she cried out, more from shock than anything. He smiled that smile again, the one that took all of his handsome features and turned them into something malicious and terrifying. He hit her again, harder, and busted her lip open. Anna could feel her warm, sticky blood running down her face and into her hair. She reached up to wipe it away and the man grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them above her head, digging his nails into them. Her eyes watered as she felt his nails cut into her. He laughed as she started to struggle, scared of what he was going to do now. He took his free hand and hit her once more in the eye. She started to cry as she felt it swell and he just laughed harder.

She felt him finish inside her and he pulled out slowly, but he didn’t get up. He sat on her stomach, holding her arms above her, just studying her. He smiled again and let go of her. She was too scared to move as he put his rough hands around her neck and applied pressure. She snapped out of it and tried to get away but he just squeezed harder. She gasped and flailed as her vision got fuzzy and black around the edges. She finally gave up and lay still, letting him strangle her.

She lay there looking at the stars, the beautiful stars, studying them and waiting, waiting for her death.

It finally came.

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