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At First Sight

November 11, 2011
By Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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Jordan was the girl in school everyone wanted to be. Great at everything, smart, funny and the all time crush of Sid Connors. The first time they met was in first grade. Jordan was new, her blond hair was at her shoulders and she had big blue eyes, she seemed to always smile. Sid was the cool kid in class that always had jell in his hair and wore baggy pants, or baggy for a first grader is what I meant.

Years went past and Jordan and Sid turned fourteen. She was in honors everything, typically one foot into the next grade. Sid was at the bottom of his class, one foot backwards to restart the year. He came across the tutoring slip that said Jordan Sparks on it. He ripped off the number and ran out to his dad’s Jeep.

He got home and called the number one the home phone. (Yes there is such things as home phones,)

“Hello this is Jordan Sparks, open for tutoring who is calling?”

“Sidello Connors,”

“Oh hi Sid, prank calling isn’t funny,”

“I need help in all my subjects Jay,”

“All right fine I’ll help you, meet me in the front of the school and we can walk together to the library,”


“Don’t be late or I will leave without you,”

“Fine I’ll be there,”

“See you tomorrow Sid,” Sid smiled and hung up the phone and jumped up in the air. It wasn’t his ideal first date, but it was close, and he didn’t have to pay anything for it, it was voluntary!

Jordan smiled hanging up her cell phone.

“You know you and Sid would be an awesome couple,” She looked back at her best friend Molly surfing on her iPad.

“Did the love calculator tell you that?”

“Yes and it’s one hundred percent right! Compatible wise I mean,” Jordan smiled flipping back her blond hair. Molly had black hair and green eyes, she was also Sid’s younger sister that was really smart and in all honors except for Science and English in high school, but she was still thirteen.

“Sid asked me to tutor him, how would Mrs. Ashes like that if I started dating one of the people I tutor?”

“She noticed that Sid had a picture of you in his binder from third grade,”

“I knew that, but only have the school year pictures of him other of him trying to kiss me when we were ten,”

“I know, come on, just wait maybe he will ask you out? I know you like him,”

“Molly, don’t you have to study, like now?”

“Right?” Molly smiled and picked up her middle school science textbook. Jordan smiled and walked into the kitchen thinking about Sid, maybe he was going to ask her. It was a possibility.

The next day after school Jordan left the school without Sid.

“Hey, hey Joe!” Jordan looked back but kept walking with her head down, her hair covering her face. “Sorry, there was these girls in front of my locker,”

“What you had to flirt with every one of them to clear them from your locker? I saw you talking to Missy by your locker,”

“Come on Joe, I’m sorry, you know me, better than Missy ever will,”

“True, but come on I could have been walking Molly home already by the time you got out of the school,”

“I said I was sorry didn’t I?”

“Sid that isn’t the point, you should know that every Thursday and Friday that you are to meet me out of the school by three o clock or I will leave without you,”

“Seriously cut me some slack Joe,”

“I won’t because you are no different from the rest of the people at school at tutor,” They both kept going on about the subject until they got to the library were they sat down in the sound room at Camarillo Library.

“Get out your stuff and we can start with Social Studies first, we will do Social Studies and Science today and then Math and English the next day,”

“Um…I don’t have my Social Studies book,”

“I know you knew you have homework in Social Studies Sid,”

“How your not in my class,”

“I know but I tutor all grades, I get the homework schedules from all the teachers,” Sid blushed and gout out his binder with a sticker of a skull and cross bones on it.

“Still have that sticker I gave you in second grade?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I thought you would have thrown it away,”

“Why?” Jordan looked to the side and got out her pencil and paper. The hour went by fast and Sid ended up actually learning something.

“Thanks Joe,”

“No problem Sid,”

“Uh…would you like to go to a movie tomorrow?”

“Sure, after your tutoring,” Jordan smiled, jumping at full tilt inside.

“Awe I thought we could skip that,”

“I’m not letting you go so easy Sid,”

“So you’re my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I guess so,” Jordan smiled and took out a senior math book.

“Hey Jock,” Sid turned and saw there was a senior standing right behind him, he was on the foot ball team, had brown hair, and still black streaks under his eyes.


“Yeah what have you not seen a football player before wimp?”

“Jock what did I say?” Jordan raised her voice.


“Call you later Sid,” Jordan smiled and Jock sat down. Sid didn’t want to go home, he wanted to talk to Jordan, walk around, and be on a date with her. Stupid Jock! Sid thought walking out of the library and into the van with Molly surprisingly.

“I thought you were at mom’s?”

“No not today smart one, I can’t be separated from my big brother all the time,”


“So did you ask her?”


“What did she say?”


“Awesome now I might have an awesome sister-in-law!”

“Molly!” Sid waked her on the arm and she smiled and punched his arm harder.

“Enough you two, Sid, did Jordan really say yes to your offer?”

“Yes dad,”



“Her parents don’t allow her to date yet,” Sid looked back at the library that was getting smaller and smaller.

That night Jordan’s phone rang and she answered it as quickly as possible.

“Hello, Jordan Sparks, closed for tutoring, I can direct you to the next greatest tutor, who is calling?”

“Hey Joe,”

“Why are you calling this late, my parents are already asleep what’s up?”

“I didn’t know you weren’t allowed to date,”

“Sid I like you, my mom and dad know I do, they just say I have to wait, and I technically they never said I couldn’t date now, they don’t even talk to me that much anyway now that Philly was born a month ago,”



“I don’t want to date you if you have to keep it from your parents,”

“Fine, don’t bother showing up to tutoring tomorrow then, I’ll get you a new tutor,”

“Wait Jordan!”

“What, you don’t seem to like me that much than you did a couple of hours ago,”

“Come on Jordan,”

“What, well see you in school tomorrow,” Jordan hung up the phone, I tear streamed down her face and she ran to her older sister’s room that was still up on her computer.

Sid hung up the phone and hit his head on the wall. He walked back into his room and slammed the door.

The next morning Jordan woke up and put on her purple shirt and put a belt around her stomach, put her jeans on, boots, and walked out her bedroom door. Isabelle, her older sister patted her on the back.

“Here take some make-up, show him what he is really missing,” Jordan smiled and took the make-up from her sister.

Jordan trudged to school and met Molly.

“Sid didn’t want to break up with you, dad told him too,”

“Really,” Jordan sighed looking over at the group Sid was at.

“Because our mom and dad allow him to date, but they don’t want yours having no clue,”

“I’ll tell them, take the beating and live my life, I really like Sid,”

“Go tell him that then,”

“I will after school,” Jordan smiled and walked into school.

“So dude you were with her for one day and your (bleep) old man told you that you couldn’t (bleep) date er’?”

“Yeah, and dude get this, I’m really in to her and stuff, plus I’ve known her for so long!”

“I know, and you’ve had like what a crush on her since first grade?”

“Pretty much,”

It was after school and Sid walked out with his head down at his feet.

“Your lucky I waited for you,” Jordan smiled and walked over and hugged Sid.

“I’m confused…”

“Want to just be friends?”

“Yeah, but I still have a crush on you,”

“I do too, come on we can go to my house and tell my parents,”


“How you want to date me of course,” Sid smiled and walked with Jordan toward her house.
It really was love at first sight!

Ending Continued…

Sid and Jordan got married when they turned eighteen. By the time they were twenty four they had their first son, Ash, and their first daughter Angela. It has been a happy family so far. And I just have on question for you…

Do you believe in Love at First Sight?

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