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June 26, 2011
By PrettyInside BRONZE, Deal, Other
PrettyInside BRONZE, Deal, Other
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I can hear her breathing next to me. She lies at an arms distance away from me, in an identical bed to mine. I see her blond hair flowing down her pillow, like waves of gold thread placed delicately about her shoulders. She is sleeping on her right side, with her legs crossed over each other at the bottom of the bed. Her feet stick out the bottom of her blanket, showing off her eccentric choice of socks. Today they are purple and dotted with candy floss sheep.
The sun is beaming down through the window highlighting her bone structure. I always told her she could model with that face, but of course she never would. The birds are singing outside, but she is not fazed. She sleeps on. Ever so peaceful. I think about all the time we have spent together, doing things that bring smiles to our freckled faces. But then I think of all the times that we have made each other cry. Who could do such a thing? All the times we have made up, never saying sorry but knowing how sorry the other one is. I look back at how our childhood together has gone by with a flash. I can no longer hold onto it. I must let it go. Soon we will be apart for our education. Living with strangers, not in the company of each other. I will not see her comforting face when I look over at her bed. I will have to make it on my own.
At a start she suddenly jolts from her slumber. She wipes the sleep from her eyes and asks tiredly what the time is and I reply. I cannot help but feel how much I will miss her. When she is out flying high on the wind, and I am planted firmly on the ground. I hate goodbyes, but this will be the hardest yet. Saying goodbye to a friend, my best friend, my sister.

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My sister doesn't realize how important she is. How she is the only stable one in my life.

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on Jul. 11 2011 at 11:10 am
Caromore BRONZE, Deal, Other
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Oh lord. This was the most adorable thing ever. You have genuinely made me cry, you should show her! And hey, you should both model! ;D xxx