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Opal the Orange Soda

June 18, 2011
By KatieCurran SILVER, Pocasset, Massachusetts
KatieCurran SILVER, Pocasset, Massachusetts
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Fizz dripped down my face as I thoroughly explained my bitter story to Dr. Pepper. My orange crushed exterior bobbled as I sat on the flat and uncomfortable couch. Due to all my battered bruises, it was always extremely hard to lay flat on anything. To me, I was just living a silly and miserable aluminum life. The sound of rolling cans was a never-ending metronome in the background while I spoke. As I confided to Dr. Pepper about my tragedies during my life, my mouth widely open to tell him everything. His eyes that appeared freshly painted, followed each word as it flew out of my mouth. He had much concentration to me when discussing the subject.
The bright morning sky shown in through the window, to make me fully awake. Yawn… I relaxed myself and began. “Well Doctor, I can definitely say that my troubles started in my tonic years. The monotonous flat days at Sparkling High, had made me very eager to graduate.” I polished my punctured side, wiping away the damp dew. Stiff and damaged, I stood up to stretch my worn out canister. “It didn’t start that way… I was the most popular carbonated drink on the shelf at the beginning of the year!”
Standing up with me, Dr. Pepper patted his immaculate body. “I see, Miss. Opal. How does that make you feel?” Before I could respond, he grabbed his clipboard and opened the glass door. In front of him laid an empty hallway that made me even more upset. Its grim colors would bring down in sweet little soda can. “Shall we go for… a walk? Maybe it will cheer you up. It’s quite bubbly in here and some fresh air would fill up your empty spaces.” He coaxed me out the door, until I finally agreed.
We walked hand in hand down the soda cap stairway. Every word that came out of my mouth echoed across the walls. I paid more attention to my unappealing appearance than to the stairs that laid in front of me. “So I was popular and glamorous. I was everything that any teen tonic would want. I hung out with the most popular girls in school, known as Club Soda. I was even the cheer captain of the Pepsi squad! Everyone looked up to me. Did I mention that I had a boyfriend too?” Flattered at my previous popularity, I giggled. “His name was Ginger Ale. He was the quarterback, not just in football! But he also gave everybody their quarters back from the soda vending machines. What a handsome and polite guy… or so I thought!”
We now stood at the threshold to the outside. Beautiful colors beamed everywhere. The two of us walked to a soda bench smothered in a Coke ad. I slowly sat amazed at my surroundings. Sprite Street was even more beautiful now that I released some of saddened emotions. I continued hoping to gain more relief, “I don’t know what came between us. Well actually it was Rachel Root Beer. I went over to his cooler on the other side of town for a visit, and that brunette was there! Before he knew that I had seen him, I quickly ran away in tears. I felt that I was going to explode! He shook me and left me alone because I was bound to burst. The next day at school, I went up to him.” I started crying in contentment; now that I was over and done with him.
Dr. Pepper patted my crushed side and smiled at me. For once, I felt that a psychologist under stood me! “And I told him,” I took a deep breath and wiped my face. “that we had to end it. I…I told him that I knew something was between us. We seemed to be growing apart. Our relationship was so nice, that I still wanted to be friends. Instead you see Dr. Pepper, he shoved me down, and I rolled into our school’s trashbin. He screamed at me and walked away with Rachel.” I stared at my tarnished body.
“Ah… so that explains the bruises! You know that you could just go to the recycling plant to get re-done. It’s that simple. Your true beauty is on the inside, not out. It would help you to get fixed to gain strength and confidence. It’s not cosmetic appearance, but the beauty within. We’ll get you stronger so you can live your life freely.” He smiled.
“I do feel better with your advice. I guess that I am beautiful.” He grinned and agreed. My body felt slightly better, for the indents did not creak as I walked. By myself, I strolled down the glorious street full of happiness. Today would be a new start for me!
Before I knew it, a dark shadow cast upon Soda City. Horrifying screams came from the occupied buildings pouring with pop cans. Was this a nightmare or previously a dream? In front of me, stood bright red sneakers! Its muddy shoelaces snatched me and flung me high into the air. “Help! Dr. Pepper!” I squealed as I flew across the town.
My body pounded onto the hard gravel, screeching and digging into the rocks. The paint was peeled from my body and crunched up even more. I sat there, too broken to be kicked anymore. A Dr. Pepper can laid next to me. He too, was beaten to smithereens.
“ I will help you… and you will help me. We will work together- and reach the recycling center. My friend brought me here and I’m even happier than I’ve ever been.
“Well I’m not going with you! I can’t be seen looking like this! You’ll never see your friends again and with that look, you won’t be mine!” He yelped staring at my condition.
“I’m one who has learned a great deal. It doesn’t matter what you look like, but who you’re on the inside. I want to become stronger and do what my friend told me was best. It’s about being the best soda can you can be, and gaining the strength to do it.”

The author's comments:
It's never a bad idea to be as creative as possible, that is why I wrote a comedy about the thought's of a soda can.

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