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The Masquerade Ball Chapter 6 Sneak Peek

April 11, 2011
By Rosie23 BRONZE, Victorville, California
Rosie23 BRONZE, Victorville, California
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According to this file it says here that Rosalie Cumins committed suicide in 1769. She was married to Jeremiah Cumins, a wealthy landlord, and she gave birth to her newborn son Bentley Cumins. She left him a suicide letter explaining why she did it but it didn't explained much. Four days after her funeral Jeremiah was so devastated and hurt about his wife's death that he poisoned his son and then committed suicide also."
Trevor backed up, "U mean to tell me that there's 3 ghosts who died in this house?"
He nodded, " I think it's only her who's haunting this house. I mean, those dreams that u have every night about a woman, she's obviously trying to communicate with u."
"But why me?"
Jeremy shrugged, "Don't know. But listen to this. 50 years after the deaths of the Cumins family the first owners of the Cumins mansion, the Wincasters, in the 1800s had put up a masquerade ball and on that nite all the guests, including the Wincasters, had died for unknown reasons. In the early 1900s the second owners, the Downers, had purchased the house but on their masquerade ball they and the guests died altogether. There were so many reports about these deaths and a bit of paranormal activities in the last 10 decades." He showed him an old newspaper, "The file had this also. I read the article and check this out. All of these deaths, Rosalie Cumins, the Wincasters, and the Downers, had one thing in common. They all died on the same day during a masquerade ball."

The author's comments:
When I came up with this idea I originally came up with it by my favorite ghost investigating show Ghost Adventures. Then I needed a title and more ideas for my story, then I realized one of my favorite songs, the Masquerade Ball, fits so much in my story and I developed more ideas from the song.

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