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The Battle Within

November 10, 2007
By Anonymous

With my heart-pounding , chest hammering , I cautiously step onto the battlefield . Through my gleaming visor , I see the enemy standing before me . Each warrior holds a sinister looking medieval axe , with a quiver of arrows at his side . Their eyes , seemingly black holes enveloping the very things they look at . Their chests are etched with countless battle hardened scars . But , nevertheless , their faces have the look of utmost fear and twisted sadness .

Scared stiff , I motion toward my men for a horn . Into it I shout , “ The fear on each and every one of your faces is plainly evident , and putting down your weapons will spare your lives .” Their whole army hesitated for just a moment , and in that moment I thought they might surrender . Unfortunately , a booming voice cried out “ YOU WIMPS !” Soon after , a monstrous figure arose from the middle of the army , and replied “My men may be wimps , but if you fight me I will give you possession of their souls .” “ But if you lose , you and your pitiful army will be enslaved to the king of the Underworld .” Accepting the terms , I spoke no words and only nodded my head . I stepped forward and withdrew my sword . Walking toward the fighting area , only then did I see the true size of the beast I would be pitted against .
He was at least 5 feet taller than any man I had ever seen .

In his massive hand he held a spiked club made of many precious metals and inset with gems . His shield was made of pure gold and his armor of pure gold also . Looking into his visor , I saw a horrid face . One that was absolutely consumed with evil . From the deepest place inside my body trembled an untamable fear , and quickly consumed my whole body . The surmounting fear caused me to lose my focus , and fall to the ground . Strangely , I quickly stood back up . A strange feeling had arisen from the depths of my heart . It was one of bravery . Allowing it to spread across my body , I was enveloped in an utmost passion , one of the will to save the enslaved souls of the other army .
Springing toward the monster I unleashed a chain of attacks that would make the toughest sword master proud . Coming toward him a second time , I stopped short and let him awkwardly lose his balance . His heavy club that had slain so many others would now lead to his downfall . As he was confident to kill me in one stroke , he hefted a mighty swing that sliced through nothing but air . Awkwardly , he fell to the ground with a mighty thump . Unfortunately , he was just as quick to regain his balance . By that time I had already came to the position to stab him in the face right as soon as he would get up . The moment his face came into view , I lunged with full force with my sword pointed right at him .

Flying toward him at breakneck speeds , I had mixed emotions . One saying to not take a person’s life , the other wanting to kill this man for all the evil deeds he has committed . Quickly , my conscience prevails when reminding me he is an evil man , intent on doing wrong . At that split second , my sword penetrated the thin armor around his visor , instantly killing him . As I triumphantly rose , I was suddenly startled by a piercing scream . Rising from the dead body of the fallen warrior was a mist , shrouded in darkness . Luckily , it was soon swallowed by the earth , never to return again . For me this was a great achievement . I had saved countless souls from the clutches of evil , and I would live to fight another day . There is a monster inside all of us . Although sometimes the hardest part is not getting rid of it , but asking someone for help .

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