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November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Its been a few years.Almost six to be exact.Its nearly coming up to summer again.But this summer won't be like the others,this summer I won't be here for the big "Fourth Of July"fire work show at the local park,or the cookout in mid June to celebrate the summer,and I won't be here to watch the sun set on the swing set at the park,as the last day of the summer,ended.I won't be here for any of that.You see this summer I'll be moving.Moving away from the fire works in July,the cookout in June,and the sunset in August.I'll also be moving away from my summer love.The summer love I've always wish for.I never had a summer love,I love this boy though.He's everything I've ever wanted in a summer love,or any type of love.The way he talks to me,the way he looks at me.Every breath,word and action he does I remember it.He moved here six years ago.When he moved into that brick house,seven houses from mine,I didn't really think much of him.I thought "new kid".But when I really got to know him.I fell in love.Everything about him is prerfect.His muscles,show hes a tough guy,but not to tough,and he doesn't look like hes tough but he is.His eyes,their hazel,the way he looks a me makes me melt.The way his lips feel on mine,they take me away.How I feel safe in his arms.He's always been my Summer Love.I just wish he felt the same.I've loved him for six years.Six long years of ups and downs.He leaves me breathless,and he gives me the chills.I feel alive when I'm with him.But this summer won't be like last summer,because last summer five words changed things.Five words,changed it all."I can't your to young".When those words were said to me,the night of watching the sunset on the last day of summer.Changed it all.Those words were burned into my memory,along with the other things me and him did together.Along with the other things we went through.I'll never forgot.But this summer won't be like last summer,because this summer I'll be moving on,I'll be saying my goodbyes for the last time.And I'll pile into the car with all the boxes and suitcases,and look out the window,and see my summer love,coming to say goodbye to me,on his red bike.He sees the "SOLD"sign on my front lawn.He stops,looks at the car,and for a moment,I saw my summer love,shed one tear.That was his goodbye to me...

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