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November 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Chris walked down the sidewalk, making the only noise that could be heard on the cold Friday night. Above him the stars were scattered throughout the sky, giving radiant light to the earth below. Beneath the stars, a park was bathed in moonlight, and the trees to the left stood as tall silhouettes. The branches were bare and frozen, giving little joy to Chris as he looked at them from a distance. Hidden within the trees where Chris could not see, two unmoving eyes looked up into the night. Chris was headed directly for those trees, maybe directly towards death, although he knew little of that.
The wind flew through the bark, making the branches on the trees swing wildly, before slamming into Chris. He shivered. The darkness made him glanced around nervously, looking for something or someone. Nothing. His feet hit the cold ground, making almost no sound at all. There was something wrong, and Chris knew it, but all he could do was keep moving forward. His fear of the dark made him wish someone was here with him, but he was alone in the darkness.
Next to an old oak tree, Chris spotted a lump laying in the darkness, motionless. As he ran over, he saw breath come out in the moonlight. He reached the lump and looked into the eyes of Sarah, who stared back up at him but saw nothing. His heart skipped a beat and thought he was going to be sick. The note he had received only a few hours ago said: Come to solve the kidnapping, alone.
“You know, Christopher, I didn’t think you would actually have the guts to come tonight.” he turned and stared into the eyes of Luke, who stared back at him with eyes of pure insanity. He pulled out a pistol and aimed it straight for his chest.

“I didn’t actually think you were stupid enough to come, but then again, I have been wrong before, haven’t I?” he said as he smiled cruelly Chris. Sudden hate twisted through Chris’s head, but he held it back. He knew what he had to do. To stay alive, he though, I need to talk my way out of this.

“Why are you doing this? You’ve killed Sarah, and what next, kill another. How many people will you kill in the end, huh? You just going to keep killing as you please?” he said, trying to find the best weakness he could possibly find in him. Luke lowered his pistol, but his face still had the smile on it, so it was obviously not working.

“Luke, listen to me,” he tried again, “stop now while you still can. They will take some pity on you.”
“Ha, you think I have a chance. As soon as they prove me guilty, I’m off to jail for life. Some I should just have fun while I still can” Luke answered.
“You call this fun, killing off all your friends? What has happened to you?” Luke said nothing, so Chris continued.
“Why did you do this anyway? What’s the matter with you?” For a full thirty seconds it was silent, neither of them moved. Then Luke raised the gun and aimed.
“You know, Chris,” he said quietly, “you ask too many questions.” He pulled the trigger. The shot screamed across the park, wakening frightened neighbors. The echo ran across the neighborhood, making it clear that a gun had been fired.
The shot hit Chris right in the center of the chest, knocking him strait down. The bullet had hit Chris in the center of the chest. I’m going to die, he kept telling himself. I’m going to die. His chest burned like fire and Chris felt as he was being ripped apart.

“Tell Sarah I say hi, would you?” Luke said from above, although Chris could hardly hear him over his own heartbeat, thumping in his head. He could hear Luke leave, but his vision had gone black.

To Chris the world had stopped moving. He was no longer cold, but he was not hot. He was neither alive nor dead, but he felt like he was flying away. He had almost left is body there in then, too tired to go on, if someone had not woken him from death itself.

He could feel pairs of hands pulling him up from the ground, but did not know what was going on. The next thing he knew, he was being set down on a table. He could hear voices.

“Someone call an ambulance! Get some ice or something… I don’t know!” He could hardly pay attention, his breath had become very long and deep, and he found difficult to breath.
“I don’t think he’s going to make it,” said a voice. Although it was said right next to the table he was laying on, he could only hear it like it was far away.

At that moment, Chris’s vision went completely black. He was knocking on death’s door, and only hoped that there was no reply.

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