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Dented Can of Coke

November 7, 2007
By Anonymous

I walked out onto the porch I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I couldn’t believe Harry would cheat on me. But it was definitely him, and with Cassie. At least I can shove him out the door like the cat and he can’t come crawling back. I would have even more time without distractions like him to start a new novel.
I walked back into the house and I saw Harry standing there with two of my bodyguards starting to drag him out and he was begging not to go. I was furious at seeing him and kept on walking like didn’t exist. As he burst into angry shouts of delirium, I turned to Cassie and told her to leave or I would ask my guards to drag her home. That remark sent her flying. She was a flurry of movement and rustling clothes. I knew that she hoped I hadn’t seen what just happened and yet knowing it was impossible that I hadn’t. Still ready to blow up if I came face to face with anyone I burst into the room we had shared. I packed his stuff, and dumped it outside in a heap, later to be removed by a timid and slightly bruised Harry.

As my anger turned to sadness I became heartbroken. I knew something had been going on, because Cassie never came by here more than once a day (unless there was an amazing shoe sale) but I never would of thought of this. Sure Harry was never the most loyal husband but even I never thought of this revolting possibility. Just the fact that Cassie, my best friend, would do such a thing to me is completely unbelievable. I marched into the house, and threw myself on the couch. I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened I stormed up, marched over to the fridge, yanked it open and got a diet coke. I then slammed the fridge door shut, and stalked back to the couch. I popped open the can, and drowned all of what I just saw and heard in that small slightly dented can of Coke.

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