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The Note

November 6, 2007
By Anonymous

Bring the money to the park tomorrow and I will be waiting for you by the swings. If you do not bring the money by 4:00, then I will do something bad.

I read the note over and over trying to decipher it. I was kind of scared. What money was he or she talking about. I didn’t owe anyone money.

I decided to catch the thief. They said to meet them at the swings at the park at 4:00.

I started narrowing things down. The handwriting was not very good and a few words were misspelled. I decided to find my little brother Jack; he was good at figuring out these kind of things.

I found him in his room looking at a skateboard magazine. He quickly shoved it under his bed when I opened the door. I read him the note and asked him what to do. He just shrugged his head and turned a little red and walked out of the room. I guess I had to do it myself.

The next day I went to the park. I waited until 4:00 and set up a bag of fake money by the swings. I ran behind the bushes and waited for the opportunity to come.

And then, I saw my little brother, Jack, appear out of nowhere and run away with the money. I was in shock. Then it clicked in my head. Jack wrote the note! He wanted the money for a new skateboard. He sent the note to me because he knew I would bring the money because I am such a chicken.

I chased after my little brother and tackled him. I laughed at him because he really thought I would bring the money. I am a chicken, but I am not stupid.

“You really thought I would bring the money didn’t you?’’ I laughed, ”Oh, and learn how to spell sincerely, you spelled it wrong in your note.”


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