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October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

David walked down the now deserted streets of the once great city that he used to call home. He grew tired as he reached the end of his rope but still hung on to the on thing he had left that gave him meaning like a ball point pen holding on to that last drop of ink that just won’t seem to end. The once lively streets and towering buildings which used to cast shadows that would often block out the sun making day light something that had no meaning here and sunglasses obsolete, they were now all reduced to no more then rumble. Dust and rocks were all that remained of this city. The crowded streets which used to make impossible to without bumping into some one familiar, while cars used to gridlock on every block with people honking their horns while cursing you off for crossing the street were now all gone nothing remained. All that used to make this city familiar to David were now all gone broken.

“Hello,” David screamed but the only voice he heard was his own bouncing off the concrete giants would be his reply. “Damn,” he said to himself.

He saw what used to be a vibrant park full of people talking, sleeping, or just sitting to enjoy the scenery, but ten years of unchecked plant growth turned it into what resembled a small forest. The lock on the gate was now broken as it looked as some one had tried to hide in the park to keep themselves safe. As he began to walk, he could feel all the rotted out acorn shells crunching beneath his feet, when something caught his eye, a bracelet that seem so familiar. He walked over and picked it up investigated it further he did recognize it he knew it very well. “Jane,” he whispered to himself as he thought back on the time before all of this madness occurred before when this city was still a city. When he was just a child when he and his old friend used spend hours just talking about anything and everything they could think of. All those times that they would stay up, just watching TV feeling that they were taking an act of rebellion against their parents by staying up too late. All that seemed ridiculous to David now, Jane was dead as was his childhood.

“Damn it!” David exclaimed as he threw the bracelet against the wall and watched it shatter into a million pieces. He stood there thousands of thoughts flowing through his head faster then the rivers currents, but always they returned to one simple thing, he was alone now nothing of his past life remained and all that was left was what was in this broken city. He knew that some where out there was more people but none of them were the one he was looking for none of them held any meaning to him. It was though he had lost his meaning like a broken hockey puck that had seen one too many games. David walked into his old apartment and sat down in what used to be were his bed was, but now. It was then that he saw something that gave him new hope, a new sense of purpose, he saw his old guitar still sitting there as if it were untouched by time and what happened he picked it up and reached into his pocket and pulled out his last guitar pick he sat down and played the first thing that came to his mind just like he used to do. He stared out into the city and gazed upon the symbol of this city and this once powerful country the giant copper statue of women who stretched her torch up into the heavens.

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