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October 26, 2007
By Anonymous

"Maddy, hello, Maddy. You need to wake up right now!" my little sister whispered to me as I lay on my bed in a deep sleep.
"What do you want Sof, it's early in the morning, go back to sleep!" I moaned.
"Mom is gone for the day, and you have to take care of me!" I know that it is quite difficult for my mother, being a single mother, to take care of Sofia everyday of every week, so some of the time I just have to take responsibility. After all I am a kind, intelligent person and I care a lot about my family.
I made breakfast for the two of us and we sat and brainstormed ideas for our day. Sofia suggested that we go to the beach. "We could suntan, make sand castles, and go swimming in the ocean, since mom never lets us." The words "swim in the ocean" gave me a sudden rush of trepidation. I have had this ghastly feeling about swimming in the ocean ever since my dad died in a boating accident on the sea, we haven't swam there since. I am hoping that I never will either.
I decided that it would be fine if we were to go. We both scurried to our rooms to put our bathing suits on. Thoughts ran through my mind, I don't have to go in the water, right? All I have to do is sit there and get a wonderful sun kissed tan and watch Sofia. Well that's what I thought. My room smelled of sunscreen and we were finally ready to leave.
We eagerly went down to the beach. The whole way down the impenetrable stairway Sofia was singing and jumping down each step. "Hey Maddy, how about that spot? Over there!" She said full of excitement. I laid down my bright and colorful beach towel and told Sofia to stay close. I sprawled out on my towel and soon fell into a heavy snooze.
"What?" I responded half asleep. "Sofia where are you? Come on, this isn't funny!" Now I am fully awake.
""It sounded as if she was covering her mouth while she was talking. I was scared to death! Where was she? What am I supposed to do, I lost my little sister! "Out here! In the w..." she screamed.
"In the water?" I heard no response. I looked out into the big blue and saw Sofia being thrown around by the gargantuan waves. What am I supposed to do? I can't go out there! I can't do it, but I have to! "I'm coming Sofia" I rushed into the water; it splashed up and got in my mouth. That didn't stop me though. I battled each wave, not letting up one bit. I finally reached her and held her as high above the water as I could. We finally reached the beach and we were both out of breath. I did it, I couldn't believe it! I actually went in the water, and with little hesitation.
That day was a very important day for me. Now when someone says lets go to the beach, I'm the first down there, I even am thinking about being a lifeguard here in Santa Cruz. Sometimes you just have to forget about yourself when someone you love is in need. It really made me thankful for everything I have and everyone around me.

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