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the crystle

December 9, 2010
By Annabella BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
Annabella BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
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live love life

just read it. Chapter 1: one small step I remember the move like it was yesterday and it all started with a simple question.
“Kera I still don’t understand why we have to move.” Annabel said as she approached the small town. “First of all I am your mother little missy! Call me mom. Second of all you know why were moving you flooded the neighbors’ son’s room. This will be a new start for you and please just try to act normal.” “First of all your not my mother so stop trying to act like it. Second of all...” and that’s all Annabel got to say before the car came to a screeching stop.
I looked at the area and the only thing I could see was two houses. They looked almost identical accept one had a stable, a lamppost and a descent paint job. I remember walking around in a big circle wondering where I was when I remembered a sign on the way here Crystal Point.
I didn’t even bother getting my luggage out of the back seat I just remember telling Kera “Later going out to explore.” If I knew what was going to happen next I probably would of said something like see you at my funeral.
I was miles off in the grassy plain when something caught my eye. It was a garden surrounded by trees with flowers in bloom I hadn’t even heard of before. Chapter Notes: read carfully the smallest of words mean the biggest of things

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i was in lanuage arts class and my teacher shyowed us some items and tod us to write a short story..............well mines not that short.

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