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Dear Rock Star Diary,

January 30, 2011
By abeatleschick94 SILVER, Montvale, New Jersey
abeatleschick94 SILVER, Montvale, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people. - John Lennon

Maureen Cox
9th May 1962

Dear Diary,
Today felt like a dream…

The sound was louder than an atomic bomb, and the pitch was higher than a soprano opera singer. The sea of heads seemed to have gone on forever, and all the way at the front was the latest and greatest craze sweeping the country. I could feel little beads of sweat forming on the sides of my face. There were so many girls there that there was no a number high enough to count them all. . They marched on stage and picked up their instruments. As the music swelled the roar of the crowd grew louder and louder. All this time I have been coming to the Cavern Club, I have never seen him before. His giant blue eyes clung to mine.
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah, yeaaaahhh.
My heart danced as the words cascaded from their lips. My legs quivered, my mind wandered, and I was spellbound by his gaze. When the song ended Paul stood up the microphone.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to our new drummer, Ringo Starr!” Paul McCartney announced into the microphone.
‘Ringo’, I thought to myself. He stood up and waved, and scanned the audience. When he stood up I felt me heart plummet from me chest.
“Hey Maureen? You alright?” me best friend asked as she tapped me shoulder.
“Perfect, Rita. Absolutely perfect” I said with a stupid smile across my face.
“Now something we hope you’ll really like…” John Lennon interjected.
Close you’re eyes and I’ll kiss you. Tomorrow I’ll miss you. Remember I’ll always be true.

They started singing and I felt even more giddy. I was biting my lip because I was grinning so wide.
I was automatically smitten with him. You could read the expression of love on my face. I was swaying with the music in tune with the way he was swinging his head. The whole night I was entranced by him. I felt me body become heavy.

As I walked out of the club with Rita, you could see the light bulb go off over her head.
“You like Ringo don’t you?”
Me face turned bright pink, and I turned away from her. “No I don’t”
“Oh, yes you do” she said poking fun at me. “Mo and Ringo sitting in a tree *s-n-o-g-g-i-n-g!”
“Shut up!” I said turning from pink to red.
“Hey I dare you to go kiss him!”
“No! He would think I’m a slag**!”
“No he wouldn’t. why just the other day I saw someone just walk up to George and plant one on him. Looked like he liked it too!”
“Well, I don’t know.”
“Go do it! Look, look there they are now!”
Sally pushed me towards them, and I ran to them. I bumped straight into Ringo, and he looked into me eyes.
“Well, hello” he said to me.
“H- h- h- hi” I mumbled out.
“Would you like an autograph?” he asked.
“Yes, please.” I looked over at Sally, and she was making kissing faces at me.
“Shut up!” I mouthed to her. She giggled, and I turned back to Ringo. I smiled at him, and he handed me a piece of paper.
“Here you go miss…”
“Cox. Maureen Cox” I extended my hand for him to shake it. I felt my hand fill with sweat as he reached for it. He took my hand and gently kissed it. “Here you are, Miss Maureen” he said putting the paper in my hand. My face turned bright red again.
“Ringo, come one we’re going back to the hotel” George called to him.
“Well, bye” he said to me.
I quickly grabbed his shoulder, and he turned around. I pressed my lips against his, and I felt an electric shock from my head to my toes. I let go and smiled at him. He shook his head and said “Wow.” I bit my lip and turned to run back to Sally. He grabbed my shoulder and said to me
“Will you be back tomorrow?”
“Well, do you want me to?”
“I would like that”
I grinned and giggled, and ran back to Sally. I took a last glimpse as he climbed in the car. He closed the door, and saw me as they pulled away and he waved at me. I waved back at him and popped me foot in the air.
“I can’t believe you did that! I just made that thing up about George just to get you to do it! What did he say to you?”
“I can’t believe you lied!” I said playfully hitting her. “ But the best thing happened! He wants me to come back tomorrow!” I squealed.
“Well hello Mrs. Starr”
I laughed and we walked home. I don’t think I can sleep tonight!

10th May 1962

Dear Diary,

I think I’m in love! When I walked to the front door, a guard stopped me. “Are you Maureen Cox?” he asked me.
“Yes I am”
“Well, right this way.”
He lead me down the aisle to the front row. There was a seat at a table right at the front of the stage. On the table there was a sign that read “Reserved for Maureen” I sat and looked to the stage. As they walked in he saw me sitting there and mouthed “hi”
“Hi” I whispered back. I sat there and was taken back by the magic of their music. I would smile when he smiled. I would swing my head when he did. I stood up and leaned on the stage, and just leered at him. At the end of the show, instead of exiting the stage, he jumped off and came to sit with me. “How are you Miss Mo?” he asked me. I smiled at him and I could barely speak.
I finally managed to mumble out “I’m fine. And you, Ringo?”
“I’m fab dear.”
“How did you ever get you’re name? Ringo? It’s very nice”
‘Well, my name is actually Richard Starkey. Me old band mates called me Ringo on account of all these rings here.”
I took his hand and looked at his rings. They all shined just as bright as his eyes. I put me hand in this mop-top brown hair, and ran my fingers through it.
“You’re beautiful you know” he said to me.
“Thank you” I said blushing.
“Why do you blush so much?”
“Because I am with one of the most popular men in the country when he could be with any girl he wanted, and he likes me.”
“I don’t want to be with any other girl.”
I couldn’t help but to smile when I am around him. When I talk to him it’s as if there is no breath in me. We sat there as the mob cleared out, soon the club was empty except for us and the hum of the cleaning crew.
“Would you like to take a walk?”
“That sounds gear***”
we left hand in hand and walked along the streets of Liverpool.
We walked in silence, but there was not a hint of awkwardness at all. I could not stop looking at him, and I would never grow tired of him. It was finally 2 in the morning before we had to part.
“I have a gig tomorrow. I need to sleep. Will you come again?” he asked.
“Of course.”
We pressed our lips together, and it felt like it lasted a life time.
“good night Mo”
“good night Ritchie”
I don’t think I can be any happier.

* snogging- make out (British)
** slag- $lut (British)
*** gear- cool

The true story….
Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) and Maureen (Mary) Cox met in 1962. She was a regular at the Cavern Club and met him there. She admired him for afar from a while. She was dared to kiss Ringo and George one night. Ringo went after her. They were married in 1965. They had three children, Zak, Jason, and Lee. They divorced in 1978. Sadly Maureen died on December 30, 1997 of cancer. Ringo, her children, and her current husband were there when she died. The song Willow and Lovin’ You was written about her. She is also one of the people cheering in the background in Get Back. Paul saying ‘thanks Mo’ is in reference to her.

Jane Asher

7th April 1963

Dear Diary,
Today felt like a dream….

“Hey Jane” me agent called out to me.
“I have a gig for you”
“What is it?” I was excited. I was finally succeeding as an actress and wanted to land as many gigs as possible.
“Is it a show? A movie? What is it?!” you could hear me voice shaking with excitement.
“You were selected to be on a radio show to give your opinion and to meet The Beatles!”
At the same time my heart sank and rose. I was excited that I was going to meet The Beatles, and I was going to be on the radio, but I also was hoping I was going to star in a new film.
“Great! I love The Beatles.” You could hear that I was ready to jump up and down and scream I was so excited. I was about to fulfill one of my dreams.
“Now go get ready, I want you to look your best. You will be meeting them in a few hours.”
“You’re telling me this now? I’m not going to have enough time to get ready!”
“Well try your best. You’re going to meet some of the biggest rock stars in England.”
Me heart fluttered and I dashed home to try to come across as the most alluring teenager in England. I was rifling through clothes in me closet trying to find something perfect.
“Jane the car is here” me mother called for me. I ran down the stairs, and let out a deep breath. I was about to meet The Beatles.
“Have fun.” me mum said giving me a hug as I was heading out the door. I gave her a peck on the cheek and ran out the door. Outside was a jet black Rolls Royce, purring like a kitten. I opened the car door, and three other girls were there. I sat down, and looked at them. They all looked like Barbies that sit in store windows.
“Hi” I said to them.
“Hello” they said in unison.
“You must be the other girl going to talk to them” one of them said. There was one with brown hair, blonde hair, and black hair. They all seemed to function like robots.
My heart sank a little again. I thought I was the only one going to see them. I thought I was special.
When we pulled up I felt light headed. I didn’t realize how amazing this was until now.

We all walked into the studio, and The Beatles were already sitting there. When I walked in I was hit by a screen of smoke, and a heard of laughter.
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, our lucky contestants are here to talk to us and to meet The Beatles.”
When I sat down one of them immediately caught my eye. I looked in his deep hazel eyes, and was hypnotized.
“Ok ladies, lets start with you. Just tell us your names and your age.”
“I’m Sally and I’m 18” said the brown one.
“I’m Prudence and I’m 16” said the black one.
“I’m Lucy and I’m 15” said the blonde one.
“And I’m Jane and I’m 17” I said, being the red one.
We started talking about the new film coming out, and the albums, and all that, but I couldn’t stop staring at Paul. At that moment he was all I was thinking about.
“Jane? Jane!” I whipped my head up and looked at the host.
“What is you’re favorite song of theirs?” he asked me.
“I would have to say She Loves You.” Right then that’s what I wanted to say to Paul. ‘She Loves You, and the she is me!’

After that all we did was talk about how we love The Beatles, and all that stuff. I looked up, and saw Paul looking at me. I think my heart missed a beat. I saw him looking at me, and our eyes linked. There was something about him that made me feel like I was about to faint, but the best bliss I have ever felt.
“Well ladies and gentlemen that’s all the time we have today, see you tomorrow.”
We all stood up out of our chairs, and went to leave the building. I walked to the door. I had this strange emotion. I was sad that I was leaving and I would only have this memory of Paul, and nothing much else, but know that he looked at me was good enough. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Paul was looking at me, and had a big smile on his face.
“Hello” he said to me.
“Hello” I said returning the smirk.
“I was wondering if I could have your number. You know, to call you some time.”
I thought I was going to pass out right then and there. I was amazed that Paul McCartney just asked for my number. I didn’t believe this was happening.
‘Of course” I said shyly. I scribbled down my number on a piece of paper and handed it to him.
“Wonderful. I will defiantly call.” He gave me kiss on the cheek and walked away. I fell back into a chair and looked like I was going to die of shock. I was just kissed just Paul McCartney.

12th April 1963

Dear Diary,

Paul had not called me since we had met. It had been five days and I was anxious to get a call. Every time the phone rang I rushed to pick it up in hopes it would be him. Today I picked it up after one ring.
“Hi, it’s Paul. From the radio station the other day.”
“Hello!” I was about to collapse again. Every time I saw or heard him I was nervous and light headed with happiness.
“I was wondering if you wanted to join me for dinner tonight.”
“I would love to!”
“Fab. I will see you at about seven.”
“*Gear. See you then.”
We hung up the phones, and I squealed. Oh, my God I was about to go on a date with Paul!
“Mum I’m going out tonight!” I called to her.
I looked at the clock and it said 6:02. I needed to get ready as soon as I could.
“Where are you going?”
“Out with a boy”
“What boy?”
“Oh, you’ll meet him in an hour”

I ran upstairs to my room, and sat in front of the mirror for an hour. When the door bell rang I scurried down the stairs at the speed of light. When I opened the door, he was standing there in one of his signature Beatle suits. Me mom walked over behind me, and had a look of shock on his face.
“May I come in?” he asked.
“Yes, yes do come in.”
“Paul, this is me mother, and mum this is Paul” I said introducing them.
“Nice to meet you” he said as the shook hands.
Me dad came to the door. “Martha? Who’s at the door?”
He came behind us, and had the same look as mum did.
“dad this is Paul, and Paul this is me dad”
They shook hands, and dad looked at me.
“Just be back by 10 dear”
“Sure dad.” I gave mum and dad a hug and walked out with Paul. We went out to his car and headed off.
“Well, where would you like to go?”
“I don’t know. You pick” I said smiling.
“Ok then” we went a few blocks down, and we pulled up to the Cavern Club.
“Well, here we are”
We walked in and as we went to a table he took my hand in his. I could feel me self shaking.
“Why are you so nervous?” he asked me.
“Because I’m on a date with you” I said looking back into his hazel eyes.
He smiled, and we took our seats. We ordered our food, and I kept looking at him. We talked about everything and nothing. There was something about him that made me feel comfortable. Like there was nothing that could hurt me.
I didn’t eat the whole time. I wasn’t hungry at all, I was so memorized my him. I couldn’t help but feel stupefied by him.
“May I take you on a walk?” he asked.
We exited the club and took a walk by the moon light.
We sat down on a bench and just looked at each other.
“I really like you Jane” he said to me, putting his arm around me.
“I really like you Paul” as I put me hand on his arm.
Our faces pulled closer and closer, until our lips met. I felt like an electric current went all through out me. We pulled apart, and smiled at each other. We walked back to his car hand in hand, with huge grins on our faces.

He took me to my front door, and kissed me again.
“May I see you again tomorrow?”
“Defiantly” I replied.
“Good night.”
“Good night.”
I ran up to my room and plopped on me bed. I wished that I could replay this night over and over again.

* gear- Cool

The true story…
(James) Paul McCartney and Jane Asher met in 1963. She was selected among others to be on a radio show and meet the Beatles. She caught his eye, and he asked her out. He proposed to her in 1965. They were to married in 1966 but the wedding was called off. They made up a few months later. They finally broke up in 1967 for good. Jane continued in her career as an actress and Paul obviously continued in music. She was the inspiration for songs such as: All My Loving, And I Love Her, and I’m Looking Through You.

Cynthia Powell
20th September 1962

Dear Diary,
today was like a dream…

Today I was walking to class, and I bumped into John. This was the first time I have ever seen him there. He has the most handsome face I have ever seen. I dropped my books when I saw him. I wondered what the biggest rock star in England was doing at Liverpool School of Arts.
“Hello.” He said to me.
“Hi” I smiled back.
He helped me pick up me books, and he handed them to me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him.
“I’m going to school here. I’m majoring in lettering.”
“Really? So am I!”

I couldn’t help but to gaze at him. He looked at me the same way I was looking at him.
“Let me walk you to class.”
As we walked he took my hand, and smiled at me. I smiled back, and blushed a little.
“Why are you so shy?” he asked.
“Because I’m with you, John Lennon.”
When I reached my class, he kissed my hand.
“May I call you later?”
“Yes!” I said in excitement.
I wrote my number on his hand, and departed him. I waved back at him as he watch me go into class. I could not believe that John had just asked me for my number! As I sat in class, I was zoned out and all I did was write his name over and over in my composition book. I was overly anxious to do something with him. I was delighted that he *fancied me.

25th September 1962

Dear Diary,

It has been a few days since I had talked to John, and I was beginning to think he did not really fancy me. Today I answered the phone thinking it was one of me **mates from school. When I picked up it was John!
“Hello, would you like to go see a film tonight?” he asked me.
“I would enjoy that. Yes” I smiled as I said it.
“Fab, I will see you soon.”
I hung up the phone and fell onto me bed. I was still blown away that I was going out with John Lennon.

Soon he can to me room, and knocked on the door. He was wearing a suit, and had something in his hand. He handed me a flower with a bow around it. I smirked and took a whiff of it.
“This is lovely. Thank you”
“Anything for you” he said to me.

He took me hand and we went out to his car. I sat in the seat and looked at him. He was so handsome I could not believe that he picked me to go to a film with him. When we arrived at the theater, he paid for me ticket.
“You didn’t have to do that” I said.
“I wanted to.”
We walked hand in hand to the theater, and we sat down. He put his arm around me shoulder as the theater went dark. As we watched the film he shifted closer to me. He started to look at me, and turned me face towards his. Him pressed his lips to mine, and held me tight.

He pulled away and smiled. As the light brightened, we exited our seats. He took my hand, and walked me out of the theater. We walked along the streets of Liverpool, and reached a field. We sat on the grass that tickled me skin. We laid back and scanned the stars. The were bright and shined in the night sky.
John turned to me and said “I really like you Cynthia”
“I really like you too John”
our lips turned into magnets, and he kissed me. I felt so joyful there are no words that can describe it. I wanted that moment to last forever.

He walked me back to my dorm, and stood there with me. We held each others hands, and felt an amazing feeling between us. I wish we could spend the rest of our time together.
“Can we see each other again? Would you like to come to one of my shows?”
“Defiantly. I would love to go.”
“I will see you tomorrow night then?”
“I would be happy to go.”
“Ok see you tomorrow night.” He kissed me on the cheek and walked back to his dorm. I went inside my room and collapsed on my bed. I could not feel any better than I am right now.

*Fancy (fancied)- to like romantically
**Mate- friend

The true story….
This is the one I had to change the most. John Lennon and Cynthia Powell actually met in 1960 at the Liverpool School of Arts. They were both majoring in lettering (writing). They married in 1962. They had one son, Julian Lennon. They divorced in 1968 after Cynthia found out about John’s affair with the artist Yoko Ono. Cynthia later remarried. John Married Yoko Ono in 1970. Cynthia continues to live in Liverpool. John was fatally shot on December 8, 1980 by a crazed fan outside his New York apartment. I Want to Hold Your Hand and It Won’t Be Long are written about her.

Pattie Boyd
3rd October 1964

Dear Diary,
today felt like a dream…

Me and Lucy got the best news ever! We are going to be in a movie with The Beatles! We have very little parts in it. We play school girls, and my only line is “Prisoners?!” Today when I walked on set we were introduced to them. I shook hands with John, then Paul, then Ringo, and finally George.

When I took George’s hand there was something there between us. I looking into his dark chestnut eyes, and flashed a grin.
“I’m Pattie Boyd” I said to him.
“Hello Pattie. May I ask you a question?”
“What is it?” I said with a blissful look in me eyes.
“Will you marry me?” he asked. I turned red and giggled.
“Well, that’s a very kind offer, but I have a boyfriend.” For some reason I felt bad saying that I have a boyfriend.
“Well, would he let you have dinner with me tonight?” he asked.
“That sounds nice.”
I turned around and Lucy was standing right behind me.
“You lucky slag!” she said to me.
“What? What did I do?”
“You just got asked out by George Harrison and you are going out with Desmond!”
“It’s not a date!” Lucy rolled her eyes, and we walked to go get our makeup done. ‘It’s not a date, It’s not a date, it’s not a date.’ I kept repeating this to myself over and over again.

As we went through the day rehearsing, me and George kept talking. He has the best way of making me laugh. There is something about him that makes me unbelievably happy.

He took me to dinner at a small restaurant in London. He looked at me deeply, and exhaled.
“You really are a beautiful woman you know.”
“Thank you, George”
There was something compelling about him. I wanted to kiss him, but I couldn’t. I could never cheat on Desmond.
“You know Pattie,” George started “There is something about you that is so amazing to me.”
I smiled and accepted the complement. “There is something about you too George Harrison.”
“And what’s that?” he asked me.
“I don’t know. That’s the strange part.”
He took my hand, and rubbed it genteelly. “I Love you Pattie Boyd”
Without a moment of hesitance I said “I Love you George Harrison.”

4th October 1964

Dear Diary,

Last night, when I came home, I called Desmond.
“Hey, baby” he answered. “What’s up?”
“Hi, I need to tell you something.”
“What is it? Is everything alright?”
“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”
That’s when the screaming match started.
“It’s because I just don’t love you anymore.”
I could never tell Desmond about George. I was already breaking his heart. I felt so wicked already. After dinner with George, I didn’t feel the same. Desmond was enraged with me.
“I never want to see you ever again Pattie Boyd!” those are the last words I have ever head Desmond say to me.

When we started filming today we first did a photo shoot with them. We were to pose like we were doing their hair, and I made a bee line for George. I saw him smile when he was me behind him. After we finished with the pictures, he talked to me again. He told me how much he likes me, and that he wanted to be with me all the time.

At lunch he asked me to join him.
“I can be with you all the time now George” I said to him.
“What do you mean?”
“I dumped my boyfriend for you. Like I said before, I love you George Harrison.”
We walked down to the *canteen, and leaned on each other. I held his hand in mine, and drifted across the floor with him. We sat down together, and studied ourselves. He has the most beautiful chestnut eyes, that matched his rich mahogany hair. He gazed at me ocean blue eyes and hay colored hair. His lips met mine, and I melted into the floor. When we pulled away, there was a feeling of joy in the air around us. When I stared back at him, I felt elated. There was nothing that could bring me down at this moment. He held me hand in his and told me that he had written a song for me. I felt so gleeful that he did such a thing for me. It’s called I’m Happy Just to Dance with You.

It tells how he wouldn’t care if he couldn’t kiss me or hold me, but that he would be happy just to dance with me. I felt like he was the sweetest man in the world. He said he would do anything for me.
“George, you are the sweetest man I know”
“Pattie you are the most wonderful woman I know”
we held each other, and I didn’t want to let go. When we touch I feel like I can jump over the moon. I always want to hug and hold him. There is something about him. I don’t know how to describe it. It might be love at first sight. I don’t think I could like him that much already, but there is always a chance that this could be love at first sight. He is just the best man I have ever met. I wish I could play this time of my life over and over until the end of time.

*Canteen- cafeteria

The true story….
George Harrison met Pattie Boyd on the set of his band’s first film A Hard Day’s Night in 1964. Pattie Boyd had a boyfriend at the time, but broke up with him to be with George. After The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 they were married with Paul as best man. She was the inspiration for such songs as I Need You and Something. Despite trying they had no children. After a rocky marriage they divorced in 1975. Pattie remarried to Eric Clapton, and George remarried to Olivia Arias. George and Olivia had a son, Dhani (Danny). Pattie lives in London with Eric. Sadly, George died of throat cancer in 2001, about a year after being stabbed by a fan who broke into his home.

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