Evil | Teen Ink


November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

Evil is creeping through my window, it cannot be seen, only felt by those who are willing to feel it, it comes through my walls, it’s creeping through my body, I can feel it slithering up my spine, weaving in between my nerves making my body twitch, it will slowly make its way to my brain, converting my happy thoughts to bitter, angry, hopeless ones, I can feel it seeping through, slowly my thoughts are changing, my first day of school, I can see the bitter side of it, my first day of school is actually an eternity of pre-al, but now a smile dances across my face, an eternity of pre-al is actually an eternity of pre-al next to my best friend, the evil is being sucked out of my body, I can feel it crumbling beneath my smile of love, of selfness less, of courage, but most importantly of hope

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