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November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

March 20- April 20

You are friendly, but not this week. This week all the stress is just piling up and you can’t take anymore. It is ok to vent a little and let off some of that steam, but know that you could hurt someone close to you. This is a person you definitely don’t want upset. Try to release some of that stress in a productive manner. Make a meal, draw something for extra credit in art, or go for a jog!

April 21- May 21

This week is going to be a great one! You have been sort of bummed out but things are looking up! After turning in some of that homework you feel total release! Now you can let that vibrant personality show. Don’t hold back. This new burst of energy will appeal to that special someone! :D

May 22- June 21

You and a friend have been having some issues. This may have been causing some tension at the lunch table. But this week, all becomes clear. This sense of clarity brings the two of you closer than ever! Enjoy this time of happiness it will help you through some of that really stressful homework!

June 22- July 22

You have been working so hard! You deserve a break. Just relax, catch some zzz’s, reward yourself with a non-fat yogurt! All of your efforts will pay off. Put your feet up and let it all come to you!

July 23- August 21

You have been a total pain this whole week. You really need to take a chill pill before you alienate that special person! You may think that you are being funny but people don’t find it that way. If you will just relax and be your amazing self they’ll actually like you a lot more.

August 22- September 22

Right now you are working towards a really important goal. It’s hard but perseverance is key. You are sure to succeed if you just keep your chin up. Another bonus: once you achieve this goal you are sure to win lots of points with the ‘rents! A raise in allowance is sure to follow. :D

September 23- October 23
You may have been feeling a little discouraged. But a revelation is headed your way. And when it hits there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. Go and get ‘em.

October 24- November 22

After all the positive influences in your life yesterday, you will be feeling extremely content with your life today.

November 23- December 22

There is a strong possibility that you will take on too much today as you agree to do far too much! However, with your naturally enthusiastic outlook on life you’ll manage to take it all in your stride, but do make time to relax and recuperate come the evening!

December 23- January 20

A challenging aspect is likely to introduce some unwelcome confusion in your day. Look out! But don’t fret the chaos shouldn’t last long.

January 21- February 19

Your thoughts are to likely to turn to money today; no matter how much cash you have you want more. So now is the time to commit to a regular savings plan rater than frittering away your hard earned cash.

February 20- March 19

Any feelings of restlessness or discontent should ease significantly, thanks to the harmonizing effect of Jupiter and Neptune.

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