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December 17, 2007
By Anonymous

“Oh, hey Michael!” said Anna Nicole while strolling into the elevator.
“Why hello,” Michael said in a very soft quit toned voice.
“Um like how have you been?”
“Pretty good, just got a couple of plastic surgeries, you know I hadn’t gotten one in while.”
Anna looked at Michaels face in terror.
“Uh…yah it looks just great?”
“Hey! Hold the elevator, I have traveled many miles!!” a voice came from down the hall before the elevator closed. Chris Farley walked into the elevator. Chris hit all the buttons with his ninja swords and his big butt.
“Hey can you like please watch out for those uh buttons,” said Anna in a very confused tone.
“Greetings everyone!” Chris said.
“What are you here for?” asked the others
“I am here to find the great white ninja, about twenty five years ago; an ancient legend of this sacred art came alive. It spoke of a foreign child who would become a ninja master unlike any other. He will forever remain a mystery. It’s a legend to all the ninjas.
“Ooh that sounds like a thriller to me!” Michael said in a raspy whisper voice.
“Perhaps... you are the great white ninja?” Chris looked at Michael.

Instantly the elevator stopped and the lights went black.

“ Uh like What’s happing?” Anna said in a winy voice
“Do not worry. ninja knows when he is in danger!”
Suddenly the elevator started shaking rapidly, the lights flickering.
“Now we are in danger! We are really in danger!” said Chris as his face turned red.
“I may not be a great ninja, I may not be one with the universe, but I will say this NO ONE MESSES WITH MY FRIENDS!”
“Wait, so like what’s going on?” Anna mumbled to herself in the corner.
“We should just beat it!” said Michael while he showed off a dance move.
“I am one with the universe, I am one with the universe!” repeated Chris, while running all over the elevator frantically.
While Chris’s widely shaped body ran around the elevator Michael and Anna began to have a little conversation to get to know each other.

“So, Michael where do you live?” asked Anna in a very mysteries manner.

“Oh darling, I live in the Never Land Ranch, it’s in Santa Barbra. It’s my own dream come true of Peter Pan.”
“That sounds like fun! What kinds of people come to the Never Land Ranch?”
“I prefer young children mainly little boys, there my favorite,” Michael replied in a creepy manner.
“Oh that’s interesting.” Anna said
All of sudden the elevator came to a stop the lights were still flickering and Chris was still running around with his ninja sword in hand.

“Were free at last, I knew a true great white ninja could make it through this! Chris said as he jumped up and down.
The elevator finally swung open, the fresh air from the hall way blew into their faces, the three jumped in joy as they waddled their way out.

“Gosh, Chris you should really try some of my trim spa,” said Anna as they walked out.
“What is that?” Michael asked.
“Um, it’s Trim Spa baby!”
“My ninja intuition tells me that you’re not quite into Ninjas?” said Chris.
“What kind of Ninja are you?”
“See I cannot tell you, my identity must remain with me.”
“How come?” Anna said looking very concerned.
“Because then I would have to kill you.” Chris said in a giggle while walked in between Anna and Michael.
The three walked out while Chris put his arm around the two as the fresh breeze of the hallway hit their faces.

“Ah I had such a good time with you two!” Said Chris.

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