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The Card Game

December 5, 2007
By Anonymous

The red Ace and the black Five sat face down. One black Three, a red Eight and a Jack sat face up in a row. Four other cards sat face down, but these were unknown to Stan. Many colored disks were also on the table arraigned in little pyramids and piles. One of these was near each of the five people sitting around the table. There was also large pile that sat in the center of the table, next to the three face up cards. “To you Stan,” said Janice, who was sitting next to Stan. Janice had a relatively large pile of disks.
“Okay, two-hundred more.” He proceeded to push five blue disks towards the middle pile. Another card was flipped. It was another black Eight. “Perfect,” Stan thought to himself. “This one’s in the bag.”
“To you again, Henry,” said Janice. Henry tapped the table twice. “I’ll go six-hundred, and to you Jen.”
“I’m out.” She proceeded to toss her cards in without letting the others see.
“My turn,” said Stan. “One-thousand,” he said while pushing almost all his disks to the center. After this he took a handful of mix. He sat with a grin on his face thinking, “I’ve won this round.” He said, “Back to you Henry.” Henry tossed his cards to the middle just like Jen. “Let’s see, Janice what do you want to do?” he said.
“I’ll go an extra four-hundred. That will push you all in, if you choose to accept of course,” she said.
“Done,” he said, and he pushed every last colored disk to the center. Both Stan and Janice flipped their cards. Stan looked overjoyed when he saw Janice’s cards: two Tens. “Yes,” Stan said loudly, “nothing can save you now.”
“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Stan,” said Janice, “I’ve still got a chance”.
“Yea right, you’re done for.”
“We shall see, we shall see.”
“Flip the card so I can win,” said Stan with extreme confidence. Janice flipped the card and saw to her delight, another Ten. “Yes,” shouted Janice with glee in her voice, “I win, I win, ha-ha, and that, is why you don’t get cocky”.
“How could that have happened, it’s impossible. One card out of twenty one and she got it. How?” He reached to grab some more party mix but all of the M&Ms were gone.

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