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December 15, 2010
By GodsGirl36 PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
GodsGirl36 PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
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I found myself standing in the middle of a dark forest. Whether it was dark due to the time of day or due to the deep, rich color of the colossal trees around me, I couldn’t be sure. Twisting around, I took in my surroundings. All around me were trees of different sorts; oaks, maples, ashes, even pine trees. Every single one was at least as tall as a skyscraper, reaching up to the heavens and blocking out any light from celestial bodies. Spread out all over the soft ground full, green bushes and vines of ivy, enough that one step could ensnare you in a leafy trap. Scattered here and there were delicate, tiny, white flowers of a variety I’d never seen. Bending to pluck one from its stem, I noticed the total silence of the wood; not even the sound of a soft breeze stirred the quiet.

And then in a moment, that silence was shattered by the sound of heavy footsteps pounding the ground.

Turning, I saw them. Giant wolves with sleek coats of fur colored silver, ebony or chestnut and long legs stretched out over the undergrowth. Their eyes were blazing gold and each giant maw hung open in a vicious grin, as if they were excited and pleased by the hunt. Terror filled my entire being as I realized I was their prey. Spinning around, I took off in the opposite direction. I scrambled to weave my way through the emerald vines and moss that seemed to reach out and grab at my ankles, almost as if they were trying to capture me for my hunters. Somewhere in the back of my mind, a little voice wondered why the wolves were chasing me but I ignored it and pushed myself to run faster.

Out of nowhere, I heard someone calling my name.

“Alese,” said the whisper, “Run this way, Alese.”

I raised my head and searched the horizon before of me for the source of the whisper. That voice, it sounded so familiar. There! Ahead, I saw a figure standing in the shadow of one of the giant maple trees. Whoever it was held a lantern of some kind up high, the light blurring out their features. I didn’t care. It was someone who knew my name, who could possibly help me. I pushed myself harder, the muscles in my legs burning in protest but not giving up on me yet. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw the great beasts chasing me and realized they were drawing closer. That little voice wondered yet again why they were chasing me and how did they manage to catch up so fast. The logical part of my mind argued that they were made to lope through the forest and over underbrush while I was made for walking on city streets. But the terrified part of my mind ordered both to shut up and concentrate on running.

“Hurry, Alese, they’re coming!” the voice said, no longer a whisper but an urgent plea.

Faster and faster I ran, my feet flying now over the vines extending their fingers towards my feet. But the wolves did not give up and surged after me.

“Hurry, Alese!” the voice screamed, terror now evident in its tone.

Closer. Closer still. Almost there. Then one of the creeping plants achieved its goal and wrapped itself securely around my ankle, pulling me to the ground. I tore at it, trying to rip it away. My savior was so close, just mere yards to go. The thudding of the wolves’ paws grew louder as they grew nearer and I knew it was too late. I crossed my arms over my face, trying to protect myself with what little I had. The first wolf to reach me, a giant beast with fur the color of a night sky, leaped into the air, snarling and dripping saliva from its pointed canines. I tensed, waiting to feel claws and teeth ripping at my flesh. But there was nothing.
I raised my head and looked about me. My eyes filled with tears as I realized I was safe and sound, home in my bed.

The author's comments:
This is an actual nightmare I had. It haunted me for days until I put it down on paper.

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