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November 29, 2010
By Mydagirl GOLD, London, Other
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One morning Andrea looked out of her window and saw a mother squirrel.

The mother squirrel was collecting nuts and jumping and skipping amongst the trees.

She was also having a lovely time with her six babies. They were very naughty and slightly hungry.

They scampered through the woods without there mother knowing.
Soon they were lost and very scarred.

When the mother got home she was very worried and asked her husband what thet should do?

Her husband thought they should get all there frends together and have a search party. Jumping and leaping through all the trees, they rounded up 100 friends.

With a quick command they were off. Flying through the woods, shouting where are you babies.

One of the squirrells found the babies and called there parents.

When they got home they gave the babies a big smack and told them never to go out without their mother.


Written by ME
Typed by Dad

The author's comments:
my first ever story !!!!

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