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The Fly

November 21, 2010
By ToryZoe GOLD, Norwalk, Connecticut
ToryZoe GOLD, Norwalk, Connecticut
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"who you are is what you have done;
who you will be is what you do now"
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so i didn't know what to do for my monolauge. the first one i wrote i couldn't read because of some circimstances. the second one i hated and threw away. the third i was goig to stride into the room and rant about a s**** trying to steal my b****** of an now ex-boyfriend, but i guess the ex explains why im not doing that. so last night i was talking to a friend of mine about the freak out i wanted to go for creative writing he said good luck and sounds good. before i could respond to my friend my computer shut down. the coumputers constantly shut down at work. while rebooting the computer i just sat and stared at the screen. in my bordem a fly landed on the computer. i stared at it. i had nothing else to do. it folded down its wings and set to cleaning its snout useing its fore arm, leg thingys that bugs have. it stopped for a second to regard me before going back to its cleaning. that fly in its mostly busy life was busy surviving, busy cleaning itself but for a moment in its life it took the time to regard me. flys dont live long who knows the two seconds it took to stare at me could have been two days in its life. i realized somthing flys are ugly. i realized something else too, The Fly in its survival had taken time to view me but also i had taken time out of my survival to view it. A Fly. the computer bleeped back to life scaring away the fly. logging back in to my chat i apoligize for the computer. he says no problem. the seconds trickel by and i wounder where The Fly has gone to. so i ask the person I'm typeing to, "have you ever watched a fly?" He says "No they don't hurt" for some reason it p***ed me off so i said "just because something is small and dosent hurt donesnt mean it dosent deserve your time" he says "hmm" i sigh. then he says he has to go. we say our goodbyes. i began to think about little things some how i got to thinking about dimonds so tiny but so valued and how in the triangle factory fire they found all the little dimond and silver engagment rings littered on the floor. what about all the little ideas: america was an idea, at first small, independence from britian began small, freedom of slaves, equal rights, womens suferage all were small. now we have a nation lead by a black skinned american free man who has a wife with with national importance. i wounder....could flys rule the world?

The author's comments:
i had to write a monolauge for class after i wrote this i wanted to but it on teenink thats how it got here. i like it its random and odd but i think thats how most teens think. connecting subjects out of think air.

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