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As a Cloud

October 19, 2010
By beautifuldreamer GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
beautifuldreamer GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
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I don’t believe in periods at the end of sentences because I think they are too finite to have a use
And I don’t believe in any sort of commas or semicolons because they are a pause that never happens in the real world so I guess I only believe in poems
I spend my days in a cycle that never ends and I’m currently above France watching as they go about their daily lives because to them I’m only a shadow that occasionally rains on them
I’ve been all over the world and occasionally I rain myself onto different parts of the world so I can say that I have visited France and Los Angeles and Ireland and New Zealand and Brazil and Sweden and lots of places in between and if I like a place enough I keep myself rained down for a while before evaporating myself again eventually to move on and visit somewhere else for free because I don’t have to pay transportation fees or Visas or plane fares or anything
Occasionally I get to snow myself and once or twice I have hailed myself and once I even got to be part of a hurricane
I felt bad for destroying the people towns but I got to be a small part of something so magnificent and powerful that I felt complete for once instead of a puzzle piece cycling forever trying to find the puzzle
Something I noticed is how silly the creatures are that are made of more than just one part like humans or trees or fish
They are not content with being so they create meaning somewhere within their intricate insides for being and sometimes it becomes part of their insides so much that they don’t know that they have created this meaning but it stays with them and defines them
Once I was part of the ocean and it was the most terrifying and exhilarating experience I have ever experienced
I was everywhere and nowhere at once for years and years and I was breathed in by fish and floating amidst my comrades and I was myself and I was part of everyone else
That is the puzzle I think that I try to find in life but I don’t ever want to go back because the cycle suits me more
Maybe because I have a puzzle I am trying to find in life I am just like those creatures I make fun of who give themselves reason for being but does that make me a hypocrite?
I do believe in question marks because they give meaning to the words that otherwise have no end like the cycles I put myself through
I find that a question mark is like when one rains themselves into the ocean and asks of the world what it is like to have an infinite end in a finite location that is so vast and complete that it overwhelms you until you aren’t yourself and you aren’t anyone but the Ocean
Which almost makes it an infinite sort of being but such a being has no questions so I couldn’t live there forever which is why I left it one day
But sometimes I wonder if I miss it?
That’s another sort of ocean-question I don’t want to ask myself because I don’t want to risk losing myself again to the fishes and the salt and the deep beautiful Answer
I have to subject myself to the cycles instead then because I don’t like the answer because it’s too finite
I don’t believe in periods at the end of sentences because I think they are too finite
Periods and the Ocean go together.

The author's comments:
My friend challenged me to write about life as a cloud

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