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The Final Death of an Idea

September 7, 2010
By Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
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He lay there holding the last thing that was dear to him in this world, the last thing that kept him breathing. Yes he was afraid, but he knew what was going to happen. He had known it was going to happen for quite sometime, and he'd been preparing himself for it. But death was not an easy thing to prepare yourself for. Yet he had tried his best to; he had set all his affairs in order, his friends and his family had a letter waiting on them, and the love of his life already knew. As soon as he knew what was about to happen, he told her, she never cried a single tear, because in her heart she always knew this would happen. She knew that the one thing he loved in this world more than her would be the death of him. Of all his experienes with this object, death was going to be the lesser of all evils. He had seen things that no man should ever see, he had done things no man should ever do, and he had thought the thoughts that no man should ever have thought. The thing he held now had showed him how to do all these things, but it also curropted him, turned a man with a wonderful soul into something wretched. However, nothing can ever be truly currupted, he had some traces of compassion and of love still inside him. But this thing, this monstrousity still had a hold on him, it wouldn't release its grip, and the more he fought to go free the tighter the grip was held. Yes the item was wicked, if it had not been there should have been much worrying to do, for the item he held was of the Devil's own creation. A new "apple" for a new people. Just as Eve, this man had been tempted and had been led into temptation and his own death. Oh yes, even up to the very last second he loved it, he loved it more than one should ever love. The man died with three things: the book in his hands, evil in his heart, and goodness in his mind.

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